Beware! Carpet Beetles Will Eat Right Through Your Carpet

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    Jun 07, 2014
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Did you find some unexplained holes in your sweater? Or maybe your upholstered couch now has some tiny tears? Look out, because you could be facing a carpet beetle infestation!

Carpet beetles can be found in many places including museums, warehouses, and yes even homes. The young ones resemble tiny worms, except they are hairy. These pests look a bit like bed bugs and fleas. Therefore, sometimes they are not correctly identified. They feed in dark and somewhat quiet places. They like to be in places such as behind baseboards, under couches, and in closets. The carpet beetles feed on wool, silk, feathers, hair, fur and feathers. Sometimes these beetles will also feed on pet foods, spices, books, and grains.

Carpet beetles can become a serious problem because they increase fairly quickly in population. Of course, the more carpet beetles you have in your home or work place, the more difficult it becomes to get rid of them.

Prevention and control are key to keeping your home or work place free of these pests. Frequent dusting of furniture and pantry shelves will help as will frequent vacuuming of carpets and furniture. Foods, fur coats, and leather should kept in airtight containers. Used furniture should be checked for any pests before you bring them into your home or office. Placing fabrics in the sun often makes the carpet beetles run off to find dark places. Hot dryers can do wonders on clothes to kill off carpet beetles.

Also, important is to make sure that there is no dusty debris in air ducts or animal nests or carcasses in the attic, as these will attract the carpet beetles. Certain pesticides can also be used to prevent and/or get rid of carpet beetles. When using pesticides you want to be sure that they are supposed to be used for carpet beetles. Also, when using pesticides you want to make sure that you follow the instructions and that they are not going to harm you, your family and your pets or your coworkers if you are preventing and controlling them in the office.

Another option, an easier option, in order to prevent and control carpet beetles is to call in the professionals. Professional New Jersey pest control services like Ross Environmental Solutions can assess your home or office in order to determine whether you have the carpet beetles and need to control them or whether you need prevention treatments to avoid getting carpet beetles. They will know exactly what to do in order to best help you and your situation. They will choose methods which are safe for you and your family members or coworkers.

Once you have called in your professional pest control specialist and had them get rid of carpet beetles or put prevention methods in place you will have a peace of mind like you never had before. It may be a little more expensive than trying to do it yourself, but it will save you time and regrets.

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