What You Need To Know About Decorative Concrete Driveways?

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    Jan 29, 2013
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If you need to select the material for a driveway, you will be surprised at the patterns and styles available to choose from. People are catching up with the concrete drift and are increasingly opting for a variety of colors, patterns, and designs for their driveways. The foremost thing you need is a qualified concrete contractor with trained work force and adequate construction machinery. This will help you to gather together some brilliant ideas for decorative concrete driveways. Conventionally, asphalt was popular for making driveways. However, today concrete has replaced it due to superior finish and comparatively lesser prices for installation and maintenance.

Several processes on concrete make it suitable for decorative concrete driveways. Adequate installation precautions allow superior finish and adorable driveways. However, you can choose from design, patterns, textures, and a variety of concrete treatments. These driveways are durable and need minor maintenance compared to asphalt. In fact, with the help of a good contractor, you can redefine your driveway and make it more sensational. It offers decades of life and does not get affected during extreme climatic conditions. Even shoveling snow from concrete is easier than shoveling it from stone driveway.

What is so special about stained concrete?

Turning the boring gray concrete into attractive and colorful concrete is possible through stained concrete. The most common method of staining concrete is integral coloring. In this method, surfactants and synthetic pigments are mixed in the concrete during the mixing before installation. This gives a uniform coloring to the entire concrete. These colors are available in liquid or powder form and as concentrated crystals. However, this method delivers a single color to the concrete and there is a lesser scope for designing.

Acid staining is the second method for staining concrete. In this method, acid and inorganic metallic salts are used. These salts react chemically with concrete to give desired color shade. This process is innovative and offers several options for customization. Coloring effect depends on the age of concrete. The most popular and reliable method is dye stains. In this method, the dye particles occupy pores in concrete to offer coloration and designing. This process is popularly selected and has better results to offer. These dye stains are available in a wide variety of color shades, which creates more designing and patterning options possible. The emergence of such new techniques offers numerous ways to enhance the décor. When you need something extraordinary, stain concrete could bring colors in your living area.

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