How to Maintain a Clean Hot Tub

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    Dec 14, 2012
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If you decide to spoil yourself by indulging in a hot tub, you want to make sure you keep it in working order and as well sanitised as possible. Hot tubs aren’t exactly cheap accessories for your home, but they are worth the investment so it is advisable to do your best to look after them. There are several ways you can ensure your hot tub is always kept clean by just doing a few important tests and checks. These steps should be carried out regularly as they will also help to maintain the performance of the hot tub, so you are getting your money’s worth from it.


The instructions you get with your hot tub will tell you exactly what measurements you should be using, so make sure you read up properly before you start using it. The chlorine and PH levels should be tested before you immerse yourself into the water, so you know it is properly sanitised and ready to use. You can plus or minus these quite easily to ensure they are within the range specified on the instructions.


It is of upmost importance that you thoroughly clean your hot tub regularly, so that it is always safe to use. The ways you can do this are by using an oxidising agent and a filter cleaner, so it is properly sanitised and won’t cause you any irritation or infection. You want to enjoy the experience, not end up with blotchy skin because it’s not properly clean. The water should also be changed on a regular basis, such as every couple of months and the hot tub filters will also need to be replaced at around this time period.

Staying Safe

In order to make sure your hot tub is a safe place to be, you should also ensure that the temperature is always at the right level as per your instructions and not too warm or cold. The chemicals you are using on the hot tub should only be those which have been advised on the instructions, there is no need to use any others. You should also ensure they are kept out of harm’s way at all times and never around when children are playing in the area. If you suffer from any kind of heart problems or any other ailments, you should speak to a doctor prior to using it and they will be able to advise if it is safe for you to use. The hot tub should offer benefits to your health and make you feel better; it certainly shouldn’t make you feel worse. If you use the hot tub and start to feel adverse effects on your health, you should get out straight away.

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