Vacation Season is Here and So Are The Bed Bugs!

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    May 17, 2013
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Bed Bugs - Caution
Bed Bugs - Caution
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You have probably been searching for the perfect vacation location, spent hours looking for the right flight & figuring out the best rental car, and maybe even gone as far as figuring out what to bring as your vacation approaches.

As people start thinking vacation bed bugs usually are not on the top ten list of souvenirs. Unfortunately, thousands drag these little creatures back with them from vacation every single year. Prevention, though, is completely possible. Here are a few tips that might help.

Do Some Research

Before you ever book a place to stay, make sure you take a close look at traveler reviews for real pest control. There are a number of sites that report bed bug infestations at hotels and other top spots to stay including A bit of investigation can go a long way to keeping you bed bug free.

Careful Packing

Before you ever leave the house, make certain you seal your clothes in something like Ziploc’s big bags so the bed bugs can’t actually get into your suitcase to hide. While you’re actually there, be sure you keep your clothes in the suitcase. Don’t unload them into the dresser or the closet. Seal your clothing up as soon as you’re done using it.

Once You Arrive

You need to do a thorough inspection of the room as soon as you get there. Remember that signs of bed bugs can include live bugs, as well as shed skins, and dark spots on the mattress or the sheets. You should pull back the sheets and blankets and do a bit of looking. Check the crevices of the mattress carefully. Also, make certain you look at the headboard, the nightstands, and around the edges of the carpet. A flashlight may help. If you see any signs of bedbugs, don’t hesitate to leave, or at least ask for another room.

Don’t bring your luggage in until you’ve carefully looked over the room. Even after you do bring your luggage in, make certain you keep your suitcase off the bed. Keep them on the luggage rack or the table instead. Additionally, you should never lay your clothes on the bed. Make certain you hang purses and diaper bags in the closet to help prevent these little pests.

Arriving Home

Even after you’ve left the hotel, you still have to be diligent if you want real pest control. Be sure that you unpack your luggage in the garage or a clean laundry area. You could even use the bathtub. Whatever you do, though, don’t unpack on the carpet or on the bed. Be sure you inspect your suitcase carefully for any signs of bed bugs. You can sort your laundry into sealed plastic bags until you’re ready to launder them. Be sure to both wash and dry them on the hottest possible setting for at least sixty minutes, then vacuum your suitcases, and store them well away from the bedroom. If you have items that you can’t launder, you’ll want to seal them in a plastic bag and seal it for two weeks or put it in a hot car for at least two hours.

Even after you get home, you should check your mattress for signs of bed bugs for at least two weeks after your return. If you do notice signs of a bed bug infestation, make certain you call for professional help.

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