Ponchos Are Not Just For the Rain

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    Oct 25, 2012
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Gone are the days when people could only wear a poncho when it rained. Neither do you need to be riding a motorbike or on horseback just to pull it off. Women who are known to be ever-so fashionable, have found a way to incorporate a white poncho into their daily wardrobe.

Imagine your poncho to be white and made with wool fabric; it is chic, elegant, neat, and comfortable. And because it is white, it will go with any ensemble you have in mind. Still not convinced it is fashionable? Just because it’s often used for rainwear does it mean that it is plain, drab, and looks and feels nothing more than a giant sack on your torso. It’s fairly easy to find fashionably created ones that are double-breasted and even has a belt to accentuate your body.

The great thing about chic ponchos is the fact that you can use it no differently from a coat, jacket, blazer, or cardigan. It will keep you warm, properly dressed, and comfortable at all times.

Let’s say that you have an important meeting at the office, and that you would like to dress to impress. Then why not don one on instead of your business suit? This will make you look smart and confident while retaining the dress codes for business casual attire. There is no better way to impress someone than by showing exactly how confident you are to break the boundaries, ignore the stereotypes, and flaunt yourself.

Now, let’s stick with that meeting for that day. After a successful day at the office, you’d like to celebrate with friends but will be running short of time to get home and get dressed. Don’t fret. Keep the outfit. You can party with the girls, or have a formal or informal dinner with them even with your white poncho still on. You will still look chic and stylish in it even after a hard day’s work.

The great thing about choosing one on days when the weather is unpredictable is that you can wear something you really like underneath. Let’s say you found this super sexy off the shoulders dress that you’d like to wear on an important event. You can’t really just top it with any coat in the closet or you’ll grow uncomfortable and the straps would likely roll or rip in more ways than one. So how can you keep this from happening? Simple; wear the poncho on top.

If you combine it with a sexy dress, you can walk outdoors and appear as if you’re still in a business casual ensemble or something that screams dignified, elegant, and sophisticated. No one will dare say you look out of place because you will be the belle of the ball. It’s like the big reveal at the end of the show where you can finally take it off and show your marvelous dress that remains in the same form as when you wore it before you left the house. Otherwise, you can keep the poncho on and wear the dress on its own during a different occasion – you’ll get twice the wardrobe without the effort.

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