Designer Sunglasses Protect Your Vision And Preserve Your Style

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    Apr 17, 2013
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Designer Sunglasses are that one stylish accessory that falls not only into your "wants" category, but also your "needs" category. Sunglasses make great gifts and they compliment any outfit, no matter your style. They can be used in all manner of situations, from the beach getaway to the snowy mountain slopes to a day at the park. The fact of the matter is, many people want luxury sunglasses, but many more people need them in water sports and many other outdoor activities.

Some of these chic sunglasses can be equipped with lenses that are polarized, providing a shield of protection between your eyes and the harsh rays of sun that can do a lot of unforeseeable damage. Depending on the height and angle of the sun, the glare that filters down to you can be especially dangerous. Often, sunglass wearers experience this when driving. Not taking the proper action can result in the potential for traffic accidents. With the aid of a stylish pair of designer sunglasses, the glare is blocked by the polarizer in your lenses.

Few, if any, people understand that the polarized lenses that often come with designer sunglasses are far better than the ones found in normal dark sunglasses. Normal sunglasses lessen the intensity of things by the same amount. It's more like a generalization. Whereas polarized lenses select and decrease the glare and reflection of light coming at you.

Similarly, the lenses in designer sunglasses can often be made to your exact eye prescription, whereas others—ones purchased off the rack or over the counter—cannot. Because those quick-purchase sunglasses are made from materials that are not as high in quality, they're more prone to breaking during the crafting of the customer's lens specifications. In fact, most eyewear providers won't even attempt to add prescription lenses to those types of glasses. In the long run, however, as you wear your prescription sunglasses, the lenses will need to be replaced and updated. This is a simple process that should occur yearly, according to optometrists, and will keep your eyes in top working order.

The nice thing about designer sunglasses is that you can browse an online retailer or do an in-store shop around, trying on different styles and getting the opinions of family and friends. The aim in that instance should be finding a pair that goes well with your face shape. Recently, the flux in designer eyewear has made the leap from function to style. And though function is still an incredibly important reason for getting sunglasses, style now plays a vast and impressive role as well.

On the other side of owning designer sunglasses is that they literally look better, perched on your head or sitting on the bridge of your nose, than the average pair of sunglasses. They're made of high quality materials and can typically be customized to the size and fit that makes the wear most comfortable for you. Some wearers choose a black, brown or green gradient for their lenses to amp up the chic look of their eyewear. Whatever your style, you can be sure you'll find a great pair of designer sunglasses to suit you and your eye care needs.

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