An Overview of Hair Extensions

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    Dec 09, 2012
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Hair extensions are also known as artificial hair integrations. It is an approach to adding commercial hair for your natural hair. Does it sound like a new invention? Unlike what most people think, these extensions have existed as early as the ancient Egyptian time. Egyptians, both women and men, put them on as artistic adornment.

Different people have different reasons for wearing extensions. The most common reason is fashion! With no hassle; who wouldn't want to have gorgeous hair? People opt to wear extensions when they want to add volume, length, or style to their hair with no risk of harming their real locks with chemicals. The chance of lengthening and beautifying one's hair without having to wait for long or visit the salon more regularly is just so amazing. But apart from fashion, others use extensions to pay for thinning areas of their scalp.

Hair extensions are manufactured from two different materials; synthetic fibres and real hair. You will find significant differences between both of these and identifying your hairstyle needs can help when choosing which kind of hair extension suits you best.

Synthetic extensions are manufactured from plastic, polyester, Kanekalon or Modacrylic. As the name suggests, this is artificial hair produced by man. It's far less expensive than real hair but less styling can be done to it because synthetic hair cannot withstand high temperature that occurs with styling.

However, extensions that are produced from human hair are better but more costly compared to synthetic type. What's good with Remy Real human hair extensions, aside from the fact that is made from real human hair, is that you could treat it like the way you do to your natural hair. You are able to style it more than you can with the synthetic type and do other routines that you usually perform with your natural hair like shampooing, blow-drying, and ironing.

There are a variety of methods of attaching hair extensions. It would depend on what kind of hair extension can be used. The most common methods are the following:

  1. Weaving- The extensions are woven or braided into your hair. To control your emotions in a salon where the stylist sections hair and attach the extensions to the strands of hair close to the scalp. It is the most preferred since there are no chemicals used but stylist may need to tighten the weave regularly.
  2. Fusion bonding- This method can either be hot, cold, or link and lock fusion. Hot fusion bonding uses glue and heat in attaching extensions to the hair. Cold fusion bonding is gentler; it uses keratin-based polymer in attaching extensions to the roots of the hair. The link and lock method uses a special ring that is tightened around hair and also the extension to attach them together.
  3. Clip-on- This is actually the easiest way to attach/remove extensions and also the cheapest too. You do not need to visit the salon and also have a stylist to get the job done. You can actually do it yourself by clipping the extensions as near to your scalp and removing it is as easy as attaching it.

Extensions are one of the most wonderful innovations in the realm of hair fashion. It's been very useful to a lot of in re-gaining their confidence and self-worth simply by enhancing the beauty of their crowning glory.

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