Big Fat Wallets- A Big NO-NO!

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    May 11, 2013
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Have a look at your wallet and see if you have credit card receipts from a few months back, if you can find last week’s movie tickets there? Are you still walking around with membership cards that expired last year? If the answer is yes, then your wallet needs some cleaning.

A fat wallet is only good if it is filled with legal tenders and paper with pictures of dead presidents. Although a fat wallet signifies prosperity and well-being, it is also one of the major causes of sciatica. Men who carry fat wallets in their back pockets are prone to sciatica because this weight on their posterior can result in back pain and numbness of lower back and leg.

The days of oversized pants and fat wallets are long gone. As comfortable as they might look, big wallets are out of fashion. Now, it is all about carrying slim wallets that fit perfectly in your front and your back pockets. It is time to bid farewell to your tri-folds and bulky wallets. Bulky wallets do not just add weight to your back but also ruin the shape of your pants. However, not every person adapts to change easily; we all have our restrictions and concern about change. If you are not comfortable changing your wallet then it is important to clean up your wallet occasionally.

Big wallets are not only a problem for men but also with the size of the clutches that women carry these days, it is nearly impossible to fit their fat wallets in there. In order to keep your wallets in shape and to fit the necessary contents in your wallet you need to say ‘I hate big fat wallets’, out loud.

‘I hate big fat wallets’ is the new mantra. Repeat it every week and you are all set. It is very important to make sure that you only carry the essentials with you. With the modernization of society and the availability of plastic money, people are carrying out four to five credit and debit cards. To add to the bulkiness there are discount cards from your favorite pizza place, membership cards of clubs and libraries, train pass, car insurance cards, photographs of family and not to forget, coins. Removing coins from your wallet is a must.

It is impossible to have a slim wallet with all the cards that people have nowadays; however, it is very important to decide which cards to leave behind at home. You need to tell yourself that you don’t need all those cards every day. Instead of carrying five debit and credit cards, carry two instead. You don’t need to carry around photographs in your wallet when you can store hundreds of photos in your smart phone.

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At the end of the month when you feel too lazy to clean your wallet, repeat the ‘I hate big fat wallets’ mantra and get to work.

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