Tech Gadgets that are Useful and Practical to Seniors

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    Nov 21, 2013
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Senior citizens desire independence. They want to stay in their own residences to maintain their own individuality. This is normal. On your part, you worry about their safety. You want them to be safe at all times. As much as you like, however this is not possible. You also have your own family and must work to earn your keep.

With today's technology, you can take care of your senior relative in remote. There are gadgets that can help you monitor your elderly. Below are some useful solutions for your safety concerns:

Large-button mobile phone
Elderly people are not interested in cellphone technology. They see it as a complicated thing, something not suitable to their age. The buttons and the screen are quite tiny. They find it hard to navigate.

This is why manufacturers came up with big buttoned phones adaptable to seniors. One of which are the clamshell types of phone that are easy to open. It has bright and large screen. Seniors with impaired hearing can use them easily as it comes with adjustable loud speakers. The numbers are easy to read.  Some have three extra buttons. One is for 911, another is for the operator, and the other is for a family member. The third button can also be for a doctor. Once your elderly presses the button for operator, they are connected automatically to your number.

Automatic medicine reminders
Your senior relative cannot miss taking their maintenance capsules if they are using pill holders with alarms. Another help is a calling service dedicated to dialing up the number of your senior relative to remind them about their need to take the medications. You may also want to purchase an automatic pill dispenser and set it on designated times.

GPS Shoes
These shoes are designed to indicate the exact location of the wearer. This is an important gadget suitable for your monitoring problems particularly if your senior manifests symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. You can keep track of their whereabouts easily with the GPS function.

Monitoring System
The daily activities of your senior adult are monitored with this system.   The motion sensors send reports to you once they notice a change in their regular routine.

Seniors are vulnerable to falls, especially in the bathroom. If your senior does not go out of the bathroom after an hour, you will definitely receive a text message, a call, and an email report regarding this situation. Even a shower running and a freezer that has not been opened for a day is reason enough to trigger the alert system.

All these safety gadgets are practical and useful. At the same time, it provides you with some peace of mind that they can contact you at once if something unusual happens. Now you can provide your senior relatives with the freedom they deserve.

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