How to Create a Senior Friendly Home

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    Aug 14, 2013
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Masakr vozíčkářů / Wheelchairs slaughter III.
Masakr vozíčkářů / Wheelchairs slaughter III.
Photo by Honza Soukup

Seniors are loving souls that provide warmth in your homes. They are caring, albeit weak and fragile. You want them to stay safe in your home at all times. Contrary to what you may be thinking, creating a senior friendly house entails simple steps for you and your family to take.

Seniors need more light with reduced glare. You may have to use full spectrum bulbs in their favorite spots.

Opt for the rocker type of light switches. They are most useful for your oldies. They may have arthritis and have a hard time navigating the switches.

Install night lights on the way to the bathroom.  Clean the windows.  Avoid using heavy curtains to let natural light shine in.

You can prevent accidental falls by keeping clutter away from their pathway. Think of ways to place telephone, lamps, and extension cords away from their trail. Always leave a lot of space to prevent your elderly from tripping.

Rugs add beauty and prevent slippage to your homes. If you have one, be sure use adhesives to ensure they cling to the floor.

They are very affordable, easy to install and remove. Place these handrails where necessary, especially in the bathroom.

Security System
There are security buttons they can place on their wrist, neck and pocket. They are portable and simple to use. They can just push the button during emergency situations.

Rubber mats inside and outside the bathroom are safety measures to reduce the chances of falling and slipping. Place a shower chair and get a flexible hand held bath shower head for their comfort.

Twisting faucet knobs is a daunting task for them so it is best to replace them with lever type. Toilet seats can be raised with an extender.

One of the dangers inside the bathroom is the water heater. The solution to your dilemma is to add anti-scalding devices to keep the temperature of the water to a safe and warm level. Having a water proof telephone mounted on the wall is also a great idea.

If your senior uses a wheelchair, doors should be wide enough to make their entry and exit easier. Door knobs have to be replaced with the lever type. Seniors will greatly appreciate this change.

Seniors can use their free time watching TV, listening to music, and reading books. Be sure that they get the entertainment they deserve by keeping the remote handy and their books within their reach.

Making your house become more senior friendly is not as complicated as you think. You have to keep clutter away, light their way, give them security, and provide them with the entertainment they need. In return, they provide warmth to your homes.

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