How to Pick the Right Accessories for your Aquarium

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    Apr 24, 2013
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Aquarium 5
Aquarium 5
Photo by Bill Ward's Brickpile

Having fish in an aquarium could be the easiest and most convenient way of keeping a pet. The fish just stay in the aquarium, don't make any noise, don't need to be walked daily, and you can have as many as you want without crowding out your home - well, for as long as your aquarium is big enough to handle them. And the one fun thing about keeping fish in an aquarium is getting to decorate it pretty much like you're decorating your own home.

Decorating Basics
Your aquarium should match the style aesthetic of your own home so it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb, thus your aquarium should reflect your personality as well. Another thing to remember when accessorizing your aquarium is the type of fish you keep; the accessories should match the needs and "personality" of your fish.

To create your aquarium and fill it with accessories, it is best to build from the bottom up.

The bottom layer is usually gravel as these provide the best weight and are easiest to clean. However, you can also use pebbles and colored stones from pet stores. Do not ever fill your aquarium with stones and pebbles from beaches and rivers as these may contain bacteria that could contaminate your aquarium and kill your fish.

Having completed the first layer, you can then add other decorative elements like plants, caves, decorative stones and logs. When choosing these decorative accessories, consider the activities of your fish - where they eat and sleep, how they play, whether they like hiding in dim areas or being out in the bright light. When choosing plants, remember to use only artificial as fresh plants will only be damaged and torn by the fish and stay away from decorative rocks with jagged and sharp edges if you have fish that have long delicate tails to prevent them from getting injured by these rocks.

The Essentials
Of course above all, you should not forget the more essential accessories to an aquarium that are vital to your fish's existence. These include the filter, air pump, lighting and heater. Tropical fish are naturally habituated in warmer waters, thus if you're keeping such there is a need to get a heater. Lighting also needs special consideration; you need to determine whether your fish are the type that need bright lights, or would prefer a dimmer environment so that you can get the appropriate wattage of lighting.

Keeping an aquarium of fish could be a really fun and interesting hobby when you consider all these things. Looking at such beautiful scenery right inside your home could bring a calm and serene mood into your home that is totally relaxing and wonderful to come home to at the end of a tiresome day at work.

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