Ensuring the Safety of your Loved One

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    Nov 22, 2012
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Finding the right facility or home care giver can be difficult especially if it’s for the one you love.  Selecting a nursing home or senior housing for your love one can be a difficult situation especially if you don’t choose the right one.  When you are choosing a facility to care for your loved one keep these ideas in mind, Is the place clean and well staff.  Does the staff look busy with the elderly?  Do they have daily activities? Do the residents seem happy?  These are questions to ask yourself when you are choosing the right nursing home.  Some of them out there do have bad reviews.   If you walk into the facility and you see that the residents are happy, healthy, and the staff is taking time to be with the individuals then you have found a right facility.  Finding someone to care for your loved one can be a scary thing.  If you ask the right questions you will find the right place and have the peace of mind knowing that your love one is taken care of.

When choosing a home health aide keep in mind the same questions.  Ask yourself if this person makes your loved one happy?  Do they help them with the daily activities in life such as personnel hygiene, helping them with what they need, making sure that they are getting the nutrition that they need?  Back ground checks are really important they let you know what type of person this is and gives you a peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being taken care of by someone you trust.  Get to know the person who is taking care of your loved one it will make the transition easier for the caregiver and loved one and also yourself.

Nursing facilities will let you know their resources and what they offer but only you can make the decision if this one is right and safe for your loved one. Safety is the most important thing in some nursing homes but to reassure you check with other residents ask them how they like it there, talk to the family members ask their opinions about the nursing facility.  Your loved ones safety is the utmost importance to you so to ensure their safety just ask questions, run a background check on the facility or care giver, and most important ask your love one how they feel about the facility or caregiver there the one who will see this person or live at this place every day.  

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