Signs She Is the Right Caregiver

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    Feb 17, 2014
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Signs She Is the Right Caregiver Photo by Scott F

Finding an adult caregiving alternative might not be a difficult task but selecting the right in home health care provider definitely is. Most in home adult caregiving institutions are managed by families or large corporate, which often runs chain of agencies at different locations. Apart from that, there are private caregivers, non-profit organizations, community-based agencies and even religious organizations providing caregiving solutions. Additional external help can at time be required to give the primary caregiver necessary relief from the demanding situation of caregiving. And when, it happens it is important to ensure that your loved one continues to receive tenderness and support that they need to live a happy life.  

Approaching the issue of caregiving needs caution. But selecting the right caregiver is even more important and needs extensive research. Even if the caregiver comes from a reputed home are USA agency checking ones background can go a long way in ensuring efficient in home care for your loved one.

Often the list of caregiving requirement is long. The receiver, depending on his/her condition, may need assistance for assisted living comprising – bathing, cooking, feeding, grooming, medication assistance, ambulation etc.  Home care USA agencies provide with list of solutions offered by them. The services can be categorized as – non-medical and medical assistance. Most agencies offer non-medical caregiving or assisted living solutions and hence, discussing the solutions offered by the caregiver is an important point to avoid confusions in the future.

Although caregivers assigned from agencies are qualified and registered through government organization a thorough background check would reveal useful information about the person and her past records. Asking the caregiver for references from her past employers is a way to check on the background. It is a great way to ensure peace of mind and an efficient caregiving system for your loved one.    

Most families prefer to organize a prior meeting with caregiver before engaging him/her for fulltime. This is to allow both the caregiver and the recipient an opportunity to decide on the terms and conditions of caregiving in order to arrive at a mutual understanding. Moreover, it helps in breaking the ice with the elderly patient as most of them recent the idea of receiving external help for living. Meeting with the caregiver is also essential for deciding if she is competent in acting under stressful situations.

Most trained caregivers are capable of handling difficult patients but it still pays off to give her a few trial runs before engaging for fulltime. This is an evaluation phase that will allow you to find answers to the following questions.

  • Is she nice with the patient?
  • Is she competent?
  • Can she perform in emergency situations?
  • How does she spend her time during caregiving?
  • Is she flexible with her time and ready to extend her stay if need be?
  • Is she a good companion?

If your patient needs only non-medical assistance then hiring a trained nurse with RN or LPN isn’t necessary. There are agencies and private caregivers offering assisted living solution. But the most important question is to hire the right person. And, unfortunately, there is no single answer to the question. You ought to remember that your objective is to select the right caregiver to ensure a proper, round-the-clock caregiving system for your loved one.

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