Creating a New Smile with Dental Implants in Arizona, PART 2

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    Jun 11, 2013
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Creating a New Smile with Dental Implants in Arizona, PART 2 Photo by Rozar Peter

Welcome back to the second post of this two-part article series in which the cosmetic dentist in Arizona compared the benefits of dental implants with that of traditional removable dentures. In our first article, we looked at the cost of both options and although the short-term cost of dental implants work out to be more, the corresponding long-term benefits more than compensate. Additionally, dentures come with repeat maintenance, cleaning and restorations costs that can add up tremendously in the long term. In this article, we will continue to provide reasons as to why dental implants in Arizona are quite simply the smartest solution to missing teeth.

Dental Implants versus Dentures: Pain and Discomfort

You might think that since dental implants require surgery and dentures don’t, issues of pain and discomfort are well settled; however, this is not the case at all! According to cosmetic dentists in Arizona, through the use of modern technology, dental surgeons are able to design customized surgical plans that are minimally invasive, with nominal post-operative pain and a very short recovery period.

Additionally, prior to your surgery, you will receive either local or general anesthesia, meaning you won’t feel a thing. If you are a particularly nervous patient or experience any form of anxiety, your dental implant dentist in Arizona will provide you with sedation options. Most patients who have undergone dental implant surgery report feeling completely well and pain-free within two days. Denture wearers on the other hand have to deal with pain, irritability and discomfort on an almost daily basis.

Discomfort and pain aside, did you know that removable dentures actually cause harm to your gums, and conventional dental bridges used to replace single teeth require the sacrifice of the two healthy adjacent teeth that are supplying the foundation for their stability? Furthermore, over time, dentures and the lack of the tooth roots will be the cause of a degenerative process of the jawbone.

The relationship between your teeth, tooth roots, gum and jaw are vital for bone density and health. They exercise each other and our jawbone requires this interaction. Without it, the jawbone begins to atrophy and waste away and over time will change shape. Dental implants, however, being rooted in the jawbone, promote dental stability, jawbone health and therefore volume. To put it plainly, dentures will have you dealing with pain, discomfort and daily challenges for as long as you have them!

Dental Implants versus Dentures: The Results

There simply is no comparison. Dentures look and feel unnatural. They simply cannot function like normal healthy teeth and are often the root of much tableside embarrassment. A cosmetic dentist in Arizona explains that your new teeth, which will be placed onto your dental implants, will be crafted specifically to match your natural teeth. Not only will they feel and function naturally, but you won’t be able to tell the difference by looking at them. On top of this, your dental implants could last a lifetime if cared for properly!

Signing Off

In this two-part article series we have compared the difference between cost, pain and results of dental implants versus traditional removable dentures. There simply is no other way to say it: dental implants are by far the most cost-effective, in financial and personal terms, the least painful and the most aesthetically and functionally impressive solution to missing teeth! Speak to a dental implant specialist in Arizona to find out how you can get dental implants.

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