Your Ultimate Guide to Hosted CRM Software

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    Mar 28, 2013
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social crm iceberg
social crm iceberg
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Your Customer Relationship Management Software should enable your company to understand the needs of your customers and convert this important information to design services or products of your company. This would help your company map the needs of its customers into your company’s product or services. This would induce the customers to buy and increase your business.

What are the different types of CRM available in the market?

The CRM Software has two basic types of Customer Relationship Management Software. They are:
Hosted CRM Software: Here the CRM is web hosted and your company receives the CRM Software through the internet and with the help of web based applications. The CRM Software is installed at the CRM vendor’s client server location.

On-Premise CRM Software: The CRM Software is installed directly in your office computer. The software is customized as per your company business process requirements and requires expensive maintenance from your end.

Essential Features of Hosted CRM Software

The hosted CRM software forms the most popular and fast growing CRM solution section of the CRM market. Its essential features are discussed in detail below:

The Hosted CRM solution is provided as a service.

This is an essential feature of hosted CRM where the CRM vendor provides the CRM solution through a service. Your company does not have to buy the entire CRM solution but just sign a service agreement with the vendor for a period between one and three years. Your company pays monthly installments for the services.

Very cost effective.

Being a hosted CRM there is no need for your company to employ any technical support as an additional resource. The company does not need to have an expensive CRM software installation process. Your company needs to pay a monthly service fee to the vendor depending on the total number of users using the hosted CRM solution. This helps your company save important financial resources that could be used in other important areas.

Information accessibility is easy and data can be accessed from anywhere.

The hosted CRM software can help your company access information easily through the internet and your sales staff can access information vital for a sales closure at your client’s place through the mobile applications. This information can be correctly used and business deals closed positively.

Fast to install and no software upgrade cost.

The hosted CRM can be installed in your computer in a few minutes. These solutions do not have complex processes which stop your staff’s daily work schedule. Your company would not be responsible for any additional software upgrade cost. The CRM software is in the host’s client server, therefore the vendor of the CRM service would be responsible for it.

Hosted CRM solutions are user friendly.

These CRM solutions are very easy to understand by your company staff. They are usually menu driven in nature. This helps your staff participate positively in the CRM implementation and makes it a success.
Hosted CRM is fast evolving and adding new dimensions to your business. The top vendors are incorporating its elements to emerge as the market leaders.

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