Right Amount of Shade for a Truly Special Event

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    Sep 09, 2013
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Right Amount of Shade for a Truly Special Event Photo by Freyaw Yatt

Some might be tempted to think that if the weather were 100% predictable, we might never need to build shelters above us – unless the weather was 100% predictably rainy.  On the other hand, even in the sun, it’s good (and health) to have some shade.  This simple acknowledgment about nature has been known for a long time.  While it seems that in building strong, temperature-controlled buildings and function halls, we have removed ourselves from the beauty of nature and of the outdoors.  But thanks to modern technology and innovations, some of which are actually rather old now, we can make the great outdoors a major feature of the next big celebration or special occasion.

Enter the vast and expansive world of outdoor activities, where a heavy duty marquee is all you need to give you and your guests just the right amount of shelter for a truly special event.  And nowadays, marquees are used for all kinds of celebrations, from milestone anniversaries to annual summer parties.  That’s why planning for a party requires more than just a big tent.  A full service hiring company can bring you more than just a party tent, but also offer furniture, flooring, lights, sound systems, other party equipment, and yes, even chandeliers for those who are really out to impress.  In fact, a full-service business can provide you with everything you need except the occasion and the guests.  Fortunately, these are all you need to provide. 

One of the fun aspects of hiring a marquee is the flexibility that it offers.  With the property already chosen, you can situate your marquee and guest facilities any way you like, with your choice of views of the scenery and the countryside. 

As with any service business which offers marquees for hire, there are several considerations to make in your choice of tents as well as service provider.  Here are some things to think through:

• Do they have experience and a reputation of success?  In other words, check out the testimonials.  Late set-ups or broken equipment is not a good way to impress your guests.  Vigilant businesses will keep their equipment in tip-top shape, and have a crew that is well-rehearsed in set-up and take-down, so there should be no unexpected problems with scheduling or preparation.

• Full-service delivery, set-up and take-down:  this last minute surprise is one the mother-in-law definitely does not want to deal with.  Make sure the contract is written plain and simple, where the service provisions are spelled out in black and white.  Maybe for some occasions you will want to save some money and does the set-up work yourself, but for large marquees that is simply not possible.  Even the furnishings inside can be set up and arranged by professionals, which is also something you don’t want to have to worry about doing at the last minute.

• Type of marquees – there are many different options, but once again, make sure that you feel confident in the business that you are working with, that they know what types of marquees are right for the occasion, and that their equipment is of good quality and in good repair.  Nobody wants to experience a fresh gentle breeze coming down from the mountains, and then turn around to see the party is over due to a fallen tent.

While there are many businesses in Australia which provide marquee hiring services, one of the best – and most experienced in the business – is Swan Marquees, which can be found online at www.swanmarquees.com.au.  They have many customer references, and their business has stood the test of time. 

Consider an outdoor event for your next wedding, anniversary, tea party, graduation, summer bash, family reunion… or whatever, and enjoy the great outdoors with a party-sized marquee.

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