Create a Home Pool with American Pools

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    Oct 09, 2013
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Create a Home Pool with American Pools Photo by American Pool

Why American Pools?

American Pools has more than 43 years of experience in the fiberglass pool industry and a history of providing top quality services. What the company offers is quality construction of fiberglass pools and swimming pool resurfacing. American Pools aims to provide each and every client with the exact swimming pool the client has imagined in his mind. The company offers meticulous planning, supervision and originality to create a backyard paradise tailored specifically for each client.

Swimming pool designs

American Pools offers a wide range of swimming pool designs. The large range of sizes and styles makes it easy to find one that will fulfill your desires and fit your backyard. Choose from designs such as The Wichita, a smaller pool which features a constant depth, making it good for activities like water aerobics. Perhaps your family likes to lounge in the pool. You might enjoy The San Marcos, which features a bench seat around the entire perimeter. Add jets to create your own private spa. Maybe you would like to throw big pool parties. The Rio Grande, which easily holds 20 people, or the almost-600-square-foot Rio Bravo might be the pool for you. Whatever you're looking for in a pool, American Pools will find the right design for your needs.

Things to know about fiberglass pools

The building of swimming pools began around 75 years ago. The introduction of fiberglass swimming pools took place in the mid-1950's and this event was revolutionary to the pool industry. Whereas old concrete pools have a lot of problems with aging and degradation, fiberglass pools feature solid, durable fiberglass shells that are resistant to many of the problems that plague concrete pools.

Furthermore, most surfaces of swimming pools are rough, but fiberglass pools have smooth, non-abrasive surfaces. The composition of fiberglass is also beneficial because it doesn`t affect the chemistry of the water and will not let algae penetrate into the water. Fiberglass is also generally easier to maintain than other types of swimming pool surfacing. The building of a fiberglass pool can also save you money, as it requires less sub-contractors than the old, traditional concrete pool construction requires.

Now that you know what American Pools and its fiberglass designs have to offer, you can start planning that backyard Utopia you have always desired.

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Starting with 40 mils of gel coat, the thickest in the industry, we are the originators of the use of vinyl ester resin on swimming pools in the United States, first doing so in 1977, and the unique 5-ply fiberglass stitch mat process. American Fiberglass Pools does not use fillers or cores in the manufacturing process of its pools that may diminish the strength or structural integrity of a pools shell.

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