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    Nov 26, 2012
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Our personal statement service offers help for students who are looking for a perfect, polished personal statement, which will be of the standard required by the university admission tutors. We use top graduates from the UK’s leading universities and pride ourselves on our testimonials and results. Most students will gain access to all of their university choices as a result of our service. We also give peace of mind to students and parents, as our statements are 100% plagiarism free always. Our aim is to guide you in your application to a university course or job application.

We have vast experience in this field and constantly get good reviews, recommendations and strong testimonials to show how good we are at what we do. Our aim is to help students to reach their goal and we especially help those who find it difficult to put down in words what they wish to achieve and what they have done to demonstrate this whereas we, in comparison, are the experts. We have a wide range of options for you to choose from. Our personal statement service uses UCAS approved structuring combined with professional writers that are Russell group graduates. We specialize in a unique personal statement, which is crucial in the increasingly competitive university access process.

Once you have decided which option best suits your criteria, our team will send you a tailored questionnaire to your email address where you can provide any information you deem relevant. Simply send this back and we will assess your personality and skills and will allocate a writer that will be best suited to writing a custom personal statement.

We offer a week long period for you to ask for any changed your statement so if your tutor or advisor suggests any alterations, these can be dealt with swiftly free or charge and with minimal fuss. This grace period gives you peace of mind that changes can be made to your personal statement. There is no need to panic if you suddenly notice that there is something you forgot to mention to us initially or simply an idea you would like expanded. Our writing teams are reliable, professional and friendly and have worked for us for a long period of time. They have been working with countless students and have seen hundreds of young people realize their dream and gain access to the universities they desired.

If you need advice to ensure you promote yourself in the best way possible then do not hesitate to contact us and get your personal statement written or edited by a professional.

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