The Swan label a guarantee for quality and sustainability

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    Mar 28, 2013
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La nature le long du petit canal (Lissewege -Belgium)
La nature le long du petit canal (Lissewege -Belgium)
Photo by Flikkesteph

The Swan label, also called the Nordic eco label, is a special multinational environmental labeling scheme that is in very close cooperation with the eco-label system of the EU. It is the competent body in the Nordic countries like Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

The Swan label is an independent environmental label that is designed to guarantee a certain standard of the products that bear it. Only the products that can satisfy the extremely strict environmental requirements when assessed objectively can carry this special product label. With the help of the Swan label, the environmentally-conscious consumers can easily identify the products which cause the least damage to the environment amongst everything available on the market nowadays. This means that every manufacturer nowadays is stimulated to create and develop new products that are more environmentally friendly and that are created through environmentally conscious processes.

The criteria for obtaining the Swan label

The criteria for obtaining the special Nordic eco label take into consideration the most important environmental factors during the life cycle of a product from the raw material used for its making to the production and even the distribution processes. Even the use as well as the reuse of the product is sometimes taken into consideration. However, it is still not possible to evaluate the total impact a certain product will have on the environment during its whole life cycle. This is why estimations are made based on the most important criteria.

Why is the eco label so important and why should we look for it when shopping for all kinds of products?

First of all, it guarantees us that we are purchasing environmentally friendly products. The Swan label guarantees that the manufacturers of a certain product are taking care of our environment and are doing their best to preserve it as much as possible through improved processes. This can give the end customer peace of mind when it comes to environmental issues. Every manufacturer who wishes to promote their environmental profile has to obtain an eco label for their products.

The Swan label is designed to limit the damage we cause to our nature through the use of the best possible products. The aim of the eco label is for it to be applied to as many products on the market as possible. Through the use of products labeled with the Nordic eco label you are guaranteed that you are helping in the ecologically sustainable forest management, the low environmental burden when it comes to production, the saving of important resources, the low generation of wastes and a lot more. The products which have obtained the Swan label are made of timber that is taken from certified forests, contain chemicals which are created in consideration with the environment, do not discharge a lot of acidifying substances and phosphorus, consume less energy, do not emit so much sulfur or nitrogen oxide into our air, are safe and environmentally friendly and a lot more.

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