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    Mar 28, 2013
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Getting a company car for your employees is something great and many people enjoy the many benefits that this option provides them with. However, the company car isn’t the same thing as your car, so you should treat it properly. There are some really simple guidelines that should be followed as the company car that you are driving is a symbol of trust in you as an employee. Generally, it is almost the same as when you are borrowing the car of someone close to you. You treat it with care and try to avoid any kind of damage to it as well as try to stay in the frames of the law. Here are a few tips that will ensure that you do everything that is needed when driving a company car:

- Speeding – speed limits are something that you should definitely be careful about when driving a company car. In case you get pulled over due to speeding you can be sure that your boss will learn about it and they probably won’t be happy with you for it. Also, any fines that you have to pay due to your carelessness will most likely not be covered by your company as they wouldn’t be responsible for them. The payment for the fine will most likely be deducted from your payment and you can even lose the right to drive a company car. That’s why you should be especially careful when it comes to speed limits and should follow all the laws that apply to driving when you are using a car of the company.

- Don’t smoke in it – if you are allowed to smoke in the car by your boss, sure. However, in any other case you shouldn’t smoke in the car as it isn’t collegial. Many people are smokers, but there are quite a lot of others who don’t smoke. In case you want to light up a cigarette, just pull over and do it. Don’t smoke directly inside the car as the smoking smell is really hard to remove from the vehicle. It will be nearly impossible for you to remove all the smoke before it is noticed by your boss, so you simply shouldn’t smoke inside the car. Not to mention that you will avoid all the potential problems that might arise from smoking a cigarette in the car such as burnt spots, etc.

- The company’s reputation –when driving a company car you should always keep in mind that the reputation of your company is on the line. All of your actions will eventually come back to your company and if you leave a bad impression when driving the company car, you will most likely leave a bad impression about the company, too. Drive carefully and handle the road situations properly.
- Company business only – a company car is something that you use for company business only. Unless you are instructed otherwise, you should use the company car only for company-related activities and not personal ones.

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