Devil May Cry, a Game for Action Seekers

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    Nov 22, 2012
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Devil May Cry is a game about a man born of a woman and demon who was also a demon slayer, the main character Dante who was born of this union is half demon capable of many feats such as jump crazy heights, moving at sonic speed and channeling energy as well as slaying demons.

Devil May Cry is a game not for the faint of heart because in the game, you'll come across everything you think was only bound to the nightmare world. Such thing like: Grim Reapers, shadow beasts, which are huge panther like demons who move at high speeds, walking marionettes as well as shotgun toting marionettes to name a few.

The game plays wonderfully enough where the controls are easy to memorize, the game gives the player time to react to every situation that pops up in the game and there's no rush to learn everything right away in the game. The game acts as a tutorial for first timers but its still easy to get into and enjoy it. However, I'd like to take the time and mention that the game has it times of being hard and the challenges that you'd face in the game can take a good amount of time to do but the reward makes it worth it. Finding the Blue Orb Fragment can be a bit of a pain as well as a challenge to find, as can the Secret Missions be a challenge to do but overall it keeps the player coming back for more.

What also give the game some depth is the deadly weapons that Dante'll acquire on his 23 stage adventure like the Grenadegun, that's capable of taking enemies out with ease. Dante'll also acquire the Ifrit Gauntlets, not only are these melee weapons to use on enemies but you can do everything from making fire waves to launching fireballs. Finally, a weapon that the player will use the most is the Alastor sword, a lightning weapon capable of fast movement and granting the player the ability to fly in demon form as well as do lethal amounts of damage their magic form.

In conclusion, Devil May Cry is a must have game that doesn't just deliver on fun and challenges but it also delivers on mental growth that requires a person to think outside the box to solve the game's puzzles. A very good game. I give the game a 10.0 out of 10 for excellent gameplay and great challenges.

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