Playing Zombie Games for Sheer Excitement and Fun

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    Jul 31, 2013
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Game Design Open House
Game Design Open House
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You may be the toughest guy in town and you don’t get easily scared, there is one thing sure, you become excited when a swarm of flesh-eating zombies come for you. You may sweat, run for your life, and do anything just to get rid of them.

Zombies are part of many fun video games and no one is complaining. More and more game fanatics are looking forward to smashing these enemies. Here are some suggestions on playing zombie games.

Zombies Ate my Neighbors
Eliminating the undead is sure fun. This simple game provides players to embrace fully the goofier part of horror flicks. You are offered various oddball arms to dispatch the horrific villains. Playing this game is like killing the different enemies from this flick as well as Little Shop of Horrors and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Walking Dead
Inspired by the comic series, this game, this game is considered to be a classic since it re-builds the feel and the pace of the comic sequence.  Like the show and the comics, this zombie game is full of suspense and character contact. The action sequences are properly spread out as this game is based on a character. The action elements come only when necessary.

Plants versus Zombies
Zombies are strictly carnivorous. But even when vegetarians resurrect from the grave, they feed on human brains. With this discipline, the best way to combat them is through mutant plants. This popular game was intended for PCs and Macs. It later surfaced on mobile devices on the launching of the iOS version. Even the most casual gamer find this game very pleasing and entertaining. The design is clean, the twists are clever, and you can get to learn the curves easily. Land mowers are the final line of defense.

Day Z
This game started as a mod, an add-on created by the user for the PC shooter game ArmA II. It is considered as one of the most popular mods. As it grew famous,, it evolved to became a stand-alone game. Day Z provides players with guns. Everybody has to play together. Losing the game is hurtful. This game is like a psychological testing to search the answer to the question on how a pack of persons can respond to a zombie break out in the Russian countryside.

Rebel without a Pulse
In this game, players can create an army of zombies while you are using pancreas grenades and separable limbs. You can do all these actions as you tour the science fiction utopia of the ‘50s.

Eliminating the zombies through these games are fun and entertaining. You can choose if you want to kill them through plants, oddball arms, and pancreas grenades. Every game has a different weapon to offer.

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