Maintenance of Swimming Pools in the Autumn

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    Dec 16, 2013
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Maintenance of Swimming Pools in the Autumn Photo by Tom Dwan

Well, the high temperatures are here again and the summer time is all over our beautiful continent. It is warm and sunny and we are ready for many exciting and joyful moments. If you own one or more rental properties with a swimming pool, you will be responsible to keep it in proper condition. Some of the common pool maintenance tasks include adding chlorine by the barrel-full, checking PH levels several times a day, sanitizing the place and more.

As soon as the temperatures drop with the beginning of the fall, the pool will be not used that much. Being a landlord you should do your best to make sure the water conditions are appropriate and the pool is still in a perfect swimming condition. I know a lot of renters who still prefer to use it even in the colder periods of the year. So, I will share with you a few tips for the maintenance of the pool in your rental unit during the autumn. Let's take a look at the available options.

    Order Professional Help

If you can afford it, professional help is almost always good advice. The benefits of hiring experts in pool maintenance are definitely worth the investment. A team of trained specialists will know how to handle the situation and what needs to be done during the transition from summer to autumn. So, if you are willing to spend some money, just make sure you will choose the right company. Make a small research, go online, speak with friends and ask them for references in order to come up with the best company in your area. For example, you can take advantage of the reliable and affordable services of professionals such as cleaners Geelong. Leave the tough and boring activities for them and you can focus on your other routine tasks part of being a landlord.

    Preparing Maintenance Schedule

No matter whether you have decided to handle the maintenance of the pool on your own or to refer to specialists, it is vital to start with making a schedule for the tasks that need to be done. Determine which are the priorities at the end of each season and if you are going to contact experienced cleaners, they should be in charge of the tasks the company is supposed to do according to your business agreement.

    Buying Supplies

If you plant not to contact professional companies, it is a good idea to consider what are the options to buy in bulk the needed products for the maintenance of the pool. Stock up on supplies in advance, so there will be no need to go shopping several times.

    Pool Safety

If you own a rental property with a pool, it is no one but you who is responsible to keep it in proper working order. Specialists recommend to execute a safety evaluation at least four times each year at the end of each season and before the start of the next one.

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