How to Market Your Products with Personalized Ribbon

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    Dec 04, 2013
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How to Market Your Products with Personalized Ribbon Photo by Linda Bryan

Personalized ribbon is an affordable but understated marketing medium and a dynamic promotion tool. It has the power to captivate the attention of your customer by adding a personal touch to any product packaging. Personalized ribbon shows you care about every detail related to your brand in a unique and pleasing way.

It's hard to believe something as simple as a ribbon can deliver such a message. Using it shows that you took the time to focus on something simple, and in turn your customer will know that you put the same amount of time and effort into the product or service you sell. Simplicity is the charm behind personalized ribbons. Here are three ways to successfully use personalized ribbon in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Bag Accents

Various small business owners like florists, candy makers, bakeries and gift basket makers commonly use cellophane bags and rubber bands for packaging. Separate your business from the rest, and hide the rubber band, or scrap the plain twisty tie by securing the cellophane bag with an elegant ribbon showcasing your business name or logo. It's not limited there. A carefully placed ribbon through the handle on a paper or plastic bag can be just as effective and sophisticated as using the ribbon with cellophane.

Box Embellishments

Maybe bags aren't your primary packaging medium, perhaps you use boxes. Ribbons aren't limited to gifts on birthdays and Christmas, so don't limit your business to special occasions either. Take an extra step and thoughtfully package your box by using a personalized ribbon around it. Your customer will feel like the box of candy, box of cookies or box containing your custom-made jewelry is a gift to them from you, every time they make a purchase.

Promotional Ribbons

Support a local cause or community event by cleverly implementing your personalized ribbons. Special orders in pink for breast cancer awareness month, yellow to commemorate the return of American troops or red to promote AIDS awareness are easy to incorporate with your name or logo. With a snip of the scissors and a safety pin, event participants become effective advertising tools for your business. Use every opportunity possible for promotion.

A little effort can go a long way. Choose colors that complement the packaging for your product or service year round. Have specific colors set aside for holidays and special occasions. Personalized ribbons are versatile and are an excellent, inexpensive marketing tool that develop brand recognition and can effortlessly propel your business success.

Contact a ribbon specialist for personalized ribbon and other unique personalized products for your small business and start realizing the benefits of this incredible promotional tool today.


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