The Fashionable Way to Wear the Bodycon Trend

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    Aug 22, 2014
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The Fashionable Way to Wear the Bodycon Trend Photo by Colin Armstrong

The bodycon trend means body conscious. It’s a general term used to describe a series of figure-hugging garments that exemplify everything you have to offer. You have to be damn confident in yourself if you are going to opt for this trend.

If you are thinking about indulging in some bodycon dresses, you need to go about it in the right way. Let us look at some of the ways you can make this trend work for you.

The Fear Factor
When someone tries this trend for the first time, they are often scared about how they’re going to look to bystanders. Bodycon leaves you with no place to hide. You cannot exactly throw on some ladies/women’s jackets to try to hide that horrible piece of flab you could not get rid of.

Most of these fears are completely irrational. Most MIDI dresses and other garments are quite flattering. The makers knew which areas women are most self-conscious about and did everything they could to highlight other areas instead. These bodycon garments suck everything in and make you smoother.

You can enhance your outfit with a pair of Spanx or high-waisted tights to help with anything you think is too tight or short.

Mess with the Proportions
Unless you are supremely confident, you do not want to have exactly the same proportions all over the place. You should be balancing a tight piece of clothing with something that does not fit your form as much. It adds an extra dimension to your bodycon-based outfit.

For example, wear a loose skirt or choose a loose tank top. These outfits really do add the vital balance.

Showcase to Keep Classy
If you are showing off everything with a single outfit, this is not a good look. You do not want to gain a reputation as a tease, or someone who is too revealing. As a rule of thumb, make sure your bodycon outfit only highlights a certain aspect of yourself. Pick something and go with that. Feel free to alternate with very event.

If you want to show off your legs, hide your bust, and vice-versa.

Go for Something Darker
Darker colours are ideal for hiding some of the lines you are not proud of. The lines become blurred and you can better blend in to your environment. On the other hand, brighter colours will only highlight your shape. At the moment, deep purples and reds are favourites amongst fans of bodycon.

Pair the Bodycon Wisely
What you wear with bodycon is just as important as your choice of bodycon. It all depends on what sort of look you are going to.

If you want something on the city chic side of things, look for a boyfriend blazer, jean jacket, or bomber jacket with a bodycon dress. For a bodycon outfit for the morning, look for a more conservative style of shoe.

You can also craft certain looks using your accessories. Use a scarf during the autumn months. It adds a certain amount of contrast between your body and the classiness of the accessory.

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