The Smart Buyer's Guide to Getting Great Deals on Women's Clothing

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    Jul 31, 2014
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The right pair boots can set off an outfit like nothing else. In the same vein, the wrong pair of womens boots can completely ruin an outfit. Shoes are amongst the most important fashion accessories. This is why you need to know how to buy the right pair.

Let us look at the ritual you should go through when picking a pair of saucy high heels or a tough pair of hiking boots for that next holiday.

Stop Paying for Shipping
Shipping costs add a significant amount of money onto your order. Rather than paying for shipping, search for a deal on it. The vast majority of stores, including, have a limit where if you spend a certain amount then shipping is available free of charge.

Although it might seem like you are paying more by trying to fill your cart, this is not the case. Buy clothing you actually want and do your clothes shopping in a single session, as opposed to lots of smaller sessions.

If you must, start shopping for winter in the summer and summer in the winter. It's an easy way of saving on shipping.

Sign Up to a Newsletter
You should always subscribe to the newsletter of your favourite retailer. You will always be the first to find out about the latest discounts and deals. Furthermore, subscribers often gain access to exclusive deals found nowhere else.

Some stores might give you an instant discount just for signing up to the newsletter in the first place.

Shop in the Off-Season
Never shop for summer clothing when summer is almost here. It is when the prices are highest because retailers know this is when most people try to buy for the summer. Most customers leave shopping until the last minute.

Shop in the off-season. Get into the habit of buying winter clothing after winter has already ended and summer clothing after summer has ended. This is where you'll discover the clearance sales. Retailers just want to empty their stocks so they can start preparing for the next season.

Buy Multiples
You do not always have to look for separate garments for each outfit. It's sometimes cheaper to buy multiples of the same items. Say you've found a crop top you like. Rather than buying one, purchase crop tops in different colours. You might even find a deal on it. Some stores have been known to provide discounts on sets of three or five shirts.

Always Know the Returns Policy
When buying online, you never know whether the item in question will work in-person. You have to buy it before you can put it on at home. If it doesn't fit, it's important to know you can return it without any hassle.

Check out the store's return policy before you buy. One of the biggest reasons people lose money is because they did not check the policy and it elapses before they can return their items. It is strongly recommended you do not shop with a store that does not have a friendly returns policy. No matter how careful you are, a regular customer will always have a need to return something at some point.

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