Why Charity Shops are a Great Place to Find Clothing on the Cheap

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    Jul 23, 2014
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Why Charity Shops are a Great Place to Find Clothing on the Cheap Photo by Colin Armstrong

Going to a charity shop to find clothing is something that has developed into a bit of a taboo in recent years. It is considered trashy in many circles. If you think this is the case, you're missing some great bargains on designer clothing.

Things have changed in charity shops. They are no longer the bargain bins of the world. Thousands of women have found everything from designer jeans to priceless party dresses simply by walking into a charity shop.

Here are some of the reasons why it is always worth visiting a nearby charity shop to see what clothing they have on offer.

You Never Know…
It is well known that you can find almost anything in a charity shop. You never know what you might find. It is possible to find everything from jumpsuits to jackets. It is impossible to know whether you will find the second-hand tosh or a great bargain that costs hundreds of pounds in the shop just up the high street.

You have nothing to lose by spending a few minutes looking inside. People donate all sorts of stuff, even stuff that happens to be new.

Deals with the Major Consumers
The truth is many charity shop chains have deals with clothing retailers like M&S. They will give them new clothing completely free of charge as a donation. These new garments go out on the shelves with the rest of the items donated by the public.

The funny thing is these new garments are priced at the same level as their second-hand counterparts. There might be a pound or two in price difference, but it will not break the bank.

Volunteers and the Weaknesses Of
Let us say you're searching for ladies/womens' jackets for yourself. You know what to look for and you're aware of the major designers. This is a huge advantage on your part. The jacket you are looking at could cost hundreds in a conventional store.

Charity shop volunteers often do not know what they have. They take the items out of the bag and price everything based on item type and item condition. A new jacket might be priced anywhere from £20-£30 at the highest. This applies even if the true value of the jacket costs £100.

Most volunteers are not knowledgeable about these products, and they have no way of knowing whether they have something valuable. It is why bargain hunters always check out charity shops.

Clearing Condition Concerns
What people need to realise is charity shops no longer sell the utter rubbish they used to do. In fact, practically every major chain has a system where clothes deemed unsuitable for the shelves are sent away to be recycled straight out of the bag. You'll never have the chance to encounter it. The average charity shop sells good quality items.

The reason for this is charity shops realised the stigma attached to them, and they decided to attempt to clean up their image. The next time you shop for clothing in a charity shop, you might come across a steal!

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