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    Dec 20, 2012
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Cool is not always a word associated with baby clothes, but it should be.  The available range of outfits is vast and sometimes overwhelming, making shopping for the perfect outfit a veritable minefield.  There is nothing to stop babies being stylish and donning some cool baby clothes.

If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

There are many options when choosing some new clothes for your child.  It is always advisable to go for comfort and organic materials, ensuring that you avoid any hazards.  The cut and design of clothes are important in terms of both comfort and style and luckily it is possible to combine the two.  Buying stylish clothes does not mean they have to be brand new; indeed hand-me-downs from family and friends can be funky without the hefty price tag.  

A survey completed by Marks and Spencer in October 2012 found that the average child aged under one has a wardrobe containing fifty six outfits, valued at a staggering £327.  So do not be afraid to accept gifts from, or even swap clothes with, close relatives and friends.  It is also beneficial to state which items you currently need as the same survey found that 65% of parents were given items they never clothed their child in.  Ensuring your new-born has cool clothes is all about knowing what you want and how to get it.

Mix and Match

If you do not want to spend a fortune on clothes, then head to the sales.  In designer shops, you can often buy a season ahead and pick up winter clothes in the summer sale for half the usual price.  Furthermore, teaming less expensive tights and vests with luxurious designer pieces creates a unique look without the heavy price tag.  Embracing the seasons is also a way to exude some style, with some items practical all year round.  For example, hats are toasty in the winter, keeping your baby’s head warm, whilst simultaneously keeping the sun’s powerful rays off in the summer.  There are many stylish options on the market which enhance whichever cool baby clothes your child is wearing.  

It is always good to keep practicality in mind when putting together an outfit, for example lightweight summer clothes are no good for winter.  Personalised baby clothes are another way to make an outfit distinctive.  Slogan bodysuits and vests are available which reflect your child’s personality and make their wardrobe more unique.  Similarly, clothes do not always have to be matching sets.  Buying several versatile pieces means that they can be used multiple times to form varying outfits.  As, in the winter, babies need to wear layers, no one will know if the under vest is inexpensive.  You can always splash out on the outermost layer, but overall there is no reason why every layer cannot be equally stylish.

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Now you know more about cool baby clothes, it is time to have some fun creating an outfit. This time around, the shopping trip may just be a lot more fun.

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