Skorts - What Are These And What On Earth Do You Wear Them With?

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    Apr 16, 2014
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Skorts - What Are These And What On Earth Do You Wear Them With? Photo by Colin Armstrong

Summertime is fast approaching, so you'll need to be thinking about updating your wardrobe to include some summer and day dresses, a crop top or two, and some shorts. If you are a bit of a forward-thinking fashionista, you'll also want to make sure you have a couple of skorts – wait … what? Skorts? What on earth are those?

A skort, as the name rather suggests, is a cross between shorts and a skirt – business at the front party at the back. If you're a fan of women's tennis, you may have seen them before.

Well, now they have expanded beyond the tennis court and on to the streets and are the perfect alternative to women's shorts for summer 2014. Skorts are not a totally new street style look, they were actually on the scene late last summer and into autumn/winter (they can be styled for winter too), but this is the first year that you will be seeing them worn en mass.

Styling a Skort

A skort is very much a daytime garment (there is no rule saying that you cannot wear one at night, but it is just better suited for when the sun is up). It's also not something you'll want to wear to any sort of formal occasion – keep your day dresses for those types of events. Where a skort is perfect though, is for those days when you feel like a change from your shorts or hotpants.

If you are buying a skort, checks are very much the way to go – preferably tartan. This pattern will look excellent with loads of outfits and will go with pretty much everything that you wear with your women's shorts.

Styling a skort is no different to pairing items with your shorts or hotpants – it really depends on the weather. If it's chilly outside, black tights and black ankle boots with a logo tee and a bomber jacket is a great look. If it's a bit warmer (or you're feeling brave), bear your legs and pair it with an oversized graphic tee and some canvas shoes.

A skort is probably never going to replace shorts or skirts as a women's first choice of summer clothing, but for those testing times when you cannot decide between a pair of shorts or a skirt, this hybrid garment is nothing short of a godsend! is a leading online fashion retailer specialising in women's shorts, skorts, day dresses, accessories, and footwear.

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