Five Things To Remember To Shop Safely Online

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    Oct 24, 2012
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Compared to shopping on the high street, online shopping is stress-free and less time consuming. There are no parking fees, people-dodging or lugging heavy bags around in the online world. You simply choose what you want, pay for it and receive it in the post a few days later. But, to ensure it is that easy there are few vital things you must remember to lookout for, so you don't get caught out.

Here are five tips to shopping safely online:

Are they who they say they are?

Firstly, you are not walking through the doors of a reputable high street retailer, so always be sure to check out the website that you are buying from. It is important to look if the website has a company number and that there is a registered company address.

Return policy

It is imperative to check the returns policy of the website you are buying from closely. All websites will have differing terms and conditions, including restrictive timeframes from the time of purchase to returns. Moreover, different items may have a different return policy due to their value, size or type. Make sure you are happy with this before purchasing as your impulse dream purchase could quickly turn into a nightmare if you have trouble sending it back.

Shipping costs

Don't be tricked by the cheapness of the product only to find that the shipping costs are extortionate. When searching for the best price it is imperative to know the total cost of the product and its postage, and not just its retail price, as you don't want to get stung at the checkout.

Read your fellow customer reviews

If you have not seen or felt the product you are thinking of buying before you have no idea of the quality, weight or size of it. The specification of the merchandise will be given, but often it will be hard to know what to expect when you receive it. The only way you can really find this information is from other customers. Many websites now include customer reviews and these can provide you with an unbiased view of your potential purchase.

Secure payment portal

It is vital to make sure there is a secure payment portal for you to complete your purchase, such as Paypal or Verisign. Always check before you give them your details.

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