Wholesale Clothing - The Foundations for Success

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    Aug 04, 2014
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Wholesale Clothing - The Foundations for Success Photo by Colin Armstrong

If you are looking to start a business, clothing is as good a market as any to find success. The fashion industry in the UK is worth an estimated £26 billion to the economy and there is plenty of room for growth – after all, everyone needs clothes!

Of course, going into business is not going to be an obstacle-free road to the good life – it is going to take a lot of hard work, dedication, and luck. You are also going to need good products. You can have the best shop in the best location and all the marketing clout in the world, if your products are not up to standard you might as well be selling sunshine in Arizona.

If you are starting out as a clothing retailer then you are going to need to set your stall out early (literally or figuratively) and get yourself some good products. Where do you obtain said products? From the very wonderful market of clothing wholesalers in the UK.

Clothing Wholesalers

Clothing wholesale is not a widely popularised market in the UK; however, for the retailers that rely on it, it is vital to success.

Wholesalers are distributors that buy products from clothing manufacturers and then sell them on to retailers at ‘wholesale’ prices – prices with a slight mark up to cover operation costs and allow for a small amount of profit. As the retailer, you get to buy products in large quantities at cheap prices and sell them at profit to your customers.

The Benefits of Wholesalers

As a retailer, cheap wholesale clothing offers a number of great benefits:

Price – Fashion is a supply and demand business. Items that are rare go up in price because they are not readily available, while items that are supplied in bulk become cheaper due to easy availability. The more items you purchase, the cheaper each individual piece becomes.

Quality – Wholesalers get their items directly from the manufacturer, which means they have not passed through anyone else before being sold to you. No defects, no stale looking products – just quality, cheap clothing.

Quantity – Items from wholesalers are available in large quantities. If you have a particular garment that is selling well, you can easily purchase more to cover demand. Conversely, items without proven demand can be purchased in smaller quantities to test the market.

Choice – Unlike at retailers where you can only see and purchase what’s in front of you, wholesalers offer entire collections available in high volume.

Originality – when it comes to clothing wholesalers, UK retailers are the very best in the world, purchasing the hottest trends from market leading brands. Choose a reputable wholesaler and you will never need to worry about knock-off wholesale t-shirts copied designer labels. All items are bought directly from the brand that makes them.

The fashion industry is a thriving market filled with opportunities; embracing clothing wholesalers is the first, and most important, step to realising them.

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