5 Ways to Rock a Crop Top without Showing Too Much

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    Sep 10, 2014
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5 Ways to Rock a Crop Top without Showing Too Much Photo by Colin Armstrong

The crop top is one of the most popular garments of the fashion season. You can see everyone from celebrities to your next-door neighbour wearing one. There is always the risk of showing too much, though. You do not want to be accused of showing too much skin, and you might not be confident enough to show too much skin.

Thankfully, there are ways to solve this problem. You can continue to wear this popular garment whilst keeping your modesty.

This is why, together with www.ikrush.com, we're going to take a look at some of the ways you can rock a crop top without showing too much.

1. Layer
An easy way to cover up is to add some layers. You do not have to wear the top with nothing else on top. Do not make the mistake of picking up the first jacket you see and throwing it over you. This is only going to make you look like you are trying to cover yourself up. You need to be confident in your body and your look.

Throw on a stylish blazer and leave it open if it gets too warm. It fits into the ensemble and allows you to stay conservative.

2. Layer Underneath
You do not have to layer over the top all the time. Try to layer underneath. Wear a thin blouse that covers everything and tuck it into a pair of high-waisted trousers or shorts. This is a classy way of using the crop top that allows you to create a more professional look. It is something that can work in formal scenarios, which crop tops usually are not designed for.

3. Wear Something High-Waisted
High-waisted trousers, shorts, and dresses all help to hide your body, whilst leaving that little bit of skin showing. You do have to be careful as to what sort of high-waisted items you wear. Something you should never do is wear a mini skirt, or shorts that are too short. Yes, you will draw attention to your legs, but at this point,you are showing far too much skin.

If you want to show off your lower body, it is probably best to not wear the crop top at all. Opt for MIDI dresses or a pencil skirt instead.

4. What about Overalls?
Overalls are in fashion at the moment. They utilise the crop top in a different way. Rather than showing off your belly, they will expose some side skin instead. It's a daring combination that is bound to make you stand out amongst your peers.

5. A Bigger Crop Top
If you want to wear a crop top as normal without any accessories, you can always buy a bigger crop top. The rule of thumb is the smaller the crop top on you the more it is going to show. Purchase something bigger and slightly baggier. Create some added dimension by wearing something tighter on your lower half. Now you have something baggier and something that hugs your figure. This is a popular look at the moment and can give you that classy yet conservative look you've been searching for.

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