Your Guide to Finding the Best Wholesale Retailer

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    Sep 01, 2014
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Your Guide to Finding the Best Wholesale Retailer Photo by Colin Armstrong

Any clothing business preparing to open their doors needs to have a wholesale retailer on their side. It is the first step upon entering the world of clothing retail. Forming a strong connection with a wholesale retailer is essential because it is where your business will source its stock.

You want to find clothing wholesalers UK that offer quality, expedience, and the lowest prices possible. In this article, we are going to look at how you should be going about finding the best wholesale retailer.

What about your Competitors?

Contrary to popular belief, businesses do not always remain tight-lipped about where they source their clothes. It is a marketing technique. With customers becoming increasingly ethical and moral when it comes to where their favourite brands get their clothes from, businesses realise they have to be more open about their sources.

Want to know where your competitors are sourcing? Ask them. Give them a call as a customer and ask for further information about what wholesalers they decide to use. This technique is more potent than you would first think.

The History

Newer wholesalers are not necessarily something to be wary of, but you do have to increase your levels of scrutiny. There are no qualifications needed to setup a wholesale business. This is why the history of a company can mean a lot during your search for a wholesaler.

To begin with, you should look at how long a business has been selling clothes wholesale UK. If they have been providing garments for over twenty years, there is no reason why you cannot consider them reliable. They have already proven themselves by staying in business for such a long period.

Beware of the Prices and the Sales

You do have to be careful when you start choosing between retailers based on their prices and their special offers. Anyone can sell clothes wholesale for an extremely low price. In fact, it is the number one method these businesses use to bring in new customers.

This can often hide inferior quality and a lack of reliability. By all means, look at the prices and take them into consideration, but never prioritise them before general quality and reputation. Use them as a final determining factor when you have found two equally good retailers.

Does the Wholesaler Match the Needs of Your Business?

Ultimately, when you buy wholesale t-shirts and dresses and various other accessories the wholesaler needs to meet the needs of your business. Decide on what you need to buy before looking for a retailer.

Never let wholesalers dictate what sort of clothes you stock in your store. Look for a wholesaler that can conform to your business strategy, otherwise you could find yourself running into trouble later on.

Overall, choosing a retailer is about finding the one that best sticks to the needs of your business. If they cannot meet the needs of your business, it does not matter how good their prices are or their reputation. Never compromise when it comes to your chosen business strategy.

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