Top Tips for Being Fashionable Without Breaking the Bank

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    Aug 07, 2014
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Top Tips for Being Fashionable Without Breaking the Bank Photo by Colin Armstrong

Buying clothes is always a recipe for spending too much on something you do not really care for. When you purchase clothes, you want to treasure and stick with them for months and years to come. This is why we have compiled, with the help of, a number of tricks for how you can get what you want without handing over your wallet.

Know What You Want
Strategic shopping boils down to knowing what you want. Retail stores online and offline rely on customers seeing something and making an impulse buy. Even the strongest of us cannot resist a good impulse buy. Do not fall for it. Know what you want. If you want a wardrobe of new party dresses, shop only for them.

If you must, only bring along enough money to buy what you want. Do not give yourself any chance to make an impulse buy.

The Value for Money
We all love a good deal, but what we do not like is a good deal at the expense of quality. If someone is offering the chance to visit site for clothing where you can allegedly get a designer handbag for a few pounds, the chances are it is too good to be true. The material will be weak, and there is a good chance the designer label is fake.

This does not apply to clearance sales or any other special promotions, but outside of them, you do have to be wary.

Go Indie
We all want to look unique, and one way of doing this is to make sure we buy something from a major designer. If you are searching for a cheaper alternative, consider supporting an independent designer. They will notcreate clothing in bulk, which means you can wear something that fits the current trends without spending a huge amount of money for the name on the label.

Furthermore, the chances are you have more of a unique look with an independent designer than you would by blowing hundreds of pounds on a well-known designer's top.

Understand What Well-Made Is
The average buyer has no idea what a well-made garment looks like. In this day and age, the majority of garments on the market are designed to last for a few months and no more. Retailers rely on shoppers replenishing their wardrobes every few months.

Learn to spot a deal by training yourself to see what a well-made piece of clothing is. The easiest way to do this is to go back in time and look at some vintage items. A denim jacket from the 80s will outlast the average leather jacket made today. There really is that much of a difference.

Buy Fashion Later
You want to be fashionable, but it does not mean you have to buy into the rabid feeding frenzy of clothes shopping. Do not rush out to the shops to buy the latest designer item. Wait a few weeks or months and watch the prices drop away. This way you avoid the initial price spike you get within the anticipation of a new release.

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