Your Guide to Making Sure You Buy the Right Pair of Women's Boots

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    Jul 24, 2014
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Your Guide to Making Sure You Buy the Right Pair of Women Photo by Colin Armstrong

The right pair boots can set off an outfit like nothing else. In the same vein, the wrong pair of womens boots can completely ruin an outfit. Shoes are amongst the most important fashion accessories. This is why you need to know how to buy the right pair.

Let us look at the ritual you should go through when picking a pair of saucy high heels or a tough pair of hiking boots for that next holiday.

Visit Multiple Stores
To find the right pair of shoes, you need to be willing to do your research. This means dedicating a few hours to frequenting various stores. Do not expect to choose your favourite shop and find the right pair for you. It is quite possible you could walk into a shoe shop, look at hundreds of pairs, and still not find the right ones for you.

It's always better to walk out and go elsewhere than opt for the second best option.

Socks and Stockings
Figure out what you will be wearing with your shoes. cheap shoes designed for casual wear will probably involve you wearing a pair of socks underneath. This means the fit will be radically different to a pair of shoes you wear with stockings.

Check the fitting whilst wearing your various pairs of socks and stockings. It can affect the fit and can affect comfort. Some women make the mistake of trying on shoes with just a pair of socks or nothing on at all. When they get home, they discover they do not fit quite as well as they thought in practice.

Wiggle Room
As a rule of thumb, all shoes should have some wiggle room for every part of your foot. It's a common misconception that everything has to be tight and compact. After a couple of hours of wearing these shoes, your feet will be aching. Long-term wearing of ill-fitting shoes can cause permanent and irreparable damage to your feet.

Quality Should Always Come First
Shoes take the most punishment of any clothing item. It is always worth paying more for a sturdy heel and a strong lining. Many of the cheaper shoes you see in stores will use poor quality material. This doesn't mean you cannot get a great bargain on shoes, but it does mean you have to inspect the quality before buying.

Know What You Want and Wear the Outfit You Want
To an extent, you will have to perform some guesswork when you go out to buy shoes. You cannot wear every single outfit with your shoes. Know what type of shoe you are searching for before you go shopping. Choose an outfit you know will work with the type of shoe you are going for.

When you try on the shoe, this will enable you to get the full effect. You do not want to try to imagine different outfits because it could lead to you stomping back to the store to return them when you realise those shoes do not go with that dress.

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