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    Sep 19, 2012
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Prayer is the elevation of soul to God. People pray becuse they want to be with God; to communicate to God. Many think that prayer is about talking, about using the most artistic words, the most artisitc words the most pleasing rythms, but God asks more  than just talking, He asks us to listen to Him. Communication involves a sender and a receiver and in the same way, prayer involves a man and His God. Prayer is in fact, 1% talking and 99% listening. As God's children, we are all called not just to practice prayer time but to build and live a prayerful life. 

In this modern times, it seems very difficult to pray or at least to listen. People complain about the prayers they claim to have not been heard or requests that were never granted. But that is not the essence of prayer. We don't pray because we want to get our desires, instead, we pray because we want to do the will of God that is revealed in prayer; in each of our prayer. Before we pray, we have to involve the Holy Spirit. As scriptures says: No one can say Jesus is the Lord unless he is under the influence of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that directs us to God. It is the Holy Spirit that teaches us to do the will of God.

Jesus said to pray continually, and never lose heart (Luke 18 1-8). To pray continually is to live habitually in the presence of God; to willingly submit our lives to His will and never doubt it. More often than not, people believe that life offers more problems than blessings. This is because we insist that what we will are the right ones, but God consistently teach us the right way of living life through the Holy Spirit- to build and live a prayerful life- a life in prayer; a life with Jesus.

It might be difficult to stand amidst the crowd ofour time. It seems very hard to even find a silent place where we can always find Him and talk to Him any time of the day-our Heart. Find Him there! listen to HIm as He says: " build and live a prayerful live; live with me."

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