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    Sep 04, 2012
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We all have a journey here on earth we must travel.  Each one of us have a different path
to take, no two individuals are the same.  God have given everyone of us a unique and
great talent, it is up to us to disccover and develop that gift even more.  Just say for
instant, if you enjoy cooking and love during it without any remorse, then you might
consider taking cooking classes just to expand your horizon or even consider opening up
your own restaurant.  Then there are those who might take  culinary classes so you can be
of service to a much broader range of people.  This career can take someone who enjoy
cooking a long ways, who knows where you might live, or who you might meet? You could
be cooking for the rich and famous, or even be a chef in some of Holllywood 's famous
celebrities home.     So this is something to consider for those who "Love" to Cook.

Then there are the Business arena, which opens up many doors and opportunites, this
talent can lead to many areas, Business Management, C.E.O. of a big Company, President
or Vice President of a great Company, who knows? there are areas such as Human Resources,
Administrative-Assistants, Supervisors, Managers, the list just goes on and on.  If you are a
business oriented type individual, love solving problems and enjoy talking to people, making
business transactions, during inventories of business, being overseer of sometimes hundreds
of employees, well this might be your choice. You will get the feel of taking charge and
making wise decisions not only for the company but for you and your employees as well.  If
stress, pressure, and dealing with all types of individuals with different personalities doesn't
effect you, then this is the job you might consider. This is for those who desire to be a leader.

There are jobs that is available for those who love to sing, write songs and lyrics, play different
types of musical instruments. If you are the one who has been blessed with a great voice and know
that you can sing, well go for it, get out there and show the world what you have. That fantastic
voice will make you a fortune and enable you to better your life also, especially if you just love
singing, everytime you open up your mouth you are uttering a song or lyric out of it, you know this
is your passion, so use it.  Then for those of you who can play a piano, guitar, drums, vioin,
trumpet, or whatever type of instrument you use, then that is your passion, if you want to be playing
that instrument every time you look at it or pick  it up and can play it well, then you know what
to do, persue your dreams and showplace your talent , let the world hear what type of music you
can make, this will make a different in  your life and someone else's life also.

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