Will the New Subaru XV Hybrid Come to Australia

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    Jan 06, 2014
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Will the New Subaru XV Hybrid Come to Australia Photo by Max Markov

When assessing the Subaru XV, Perth motorists may only consider the fuel economy. Although this is impressive at five litres per one hundred kilometres, this is not the only attractive feature of this new model. The XV Hybrid features a two litre petrol engine with an electric motor and battery pack. However, it is also complimented with a CVT or continuously variable transmission which has been developed exclusively for this model.

The reason why Subaru XV Perth enthusiasts are so keen to see the model come to Australia is the anticipated fuel savings which are two litres per one hundred kilometres down when compared to the current two litre petrol only model. The Hybrid model is equipped with the all wheel drive which is the trademark of Subaru. This allows the torque to distribute the torque full time across all four wheels when using petrol power, electric or even both. This system is popular on a number of other Subaru models and many believe that this feature would offer fantastic performance on the XV Hybrid.

The XV Hybrid resembles the conventional XV in its exterior aesthetic appearance. This model maintains the exterior dimensions of the standard models but also has a low centre of gravity and a maintained weight distribution front to rear. This has not been compromised in the Hybrid model, as the inverter, DC to DC converter and the high voltage power battery are contained as one unit which is housed under the floor of the cargo area.

The only aesthetic changes to the exterior of the vehicle are alloy wheels which are unique to the model and Hybrid badging. A large cover under the vehicle has been added to improve the performance aerodynamically. Internally, the Hybrid has increased noise insulation and a new silver and black two tone trim.

With the Hybrid Subaru XV, Perth drivers could also benefit from the “Eco” cruise control. This is a feature to maximise driving time and works in concert with the “Eyesight” system of driving assistance. The energy flow, battery brake regeneration and engine/motor operation can be monitored through a new display which is multi function. This should allow maximum driver comfort and experience.

The XV Hybrid is being manufactured in both right and left hand drive models. However, according to the National Manager for Corporate Affairs, there are no plans for the Subaru XV Hybrid to be offered in Australia. This may be a disappointment for some drivers. However, there are still a number of fantastic Subaru models currently available in the Australian market.

If you are interested in learning more about the Subaru XV, Perth drivers should contact us. We have a full range of the models which are currently available on the Australian market in our showroom and would be delighted to assist you.

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The Subaru xv Hybrid is the first petrol and electric model which has gone into Subaru's production line. The model is currently available in the United States and Japan, and initial feedback looks very promising, so many are keen to know more.

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