Card Games Benefit Family Members of All Ages

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    Nov 13, 2012
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There is nothing like a good card game to benefit the entire family. From toddlers to elderly grandparents, card games have something for everyone. Aside from the fact that they bring the family together to do an activity, there are other benefits specific to particular age groups.

Toddlers Get a Head Start
Games like “Go Fish” may not be the most exciting of card games, but they do offer some entertainment for the whole family and they help toddlers develop many skills. Fine motor skills can be developed while the children learn to hold a handful of cards. Toddlers also learn how to decode symbols and develop counting skills through simple card games.

Preteens Develop Social Skills
Good sportsmanship can be learned through playing card games. This is important to preteens who are learning how to think of the feelings of others. They also get to learn how to compete in a fun way and may even get to show off their blooming math skills.

Teens Learn Patience
Teens today are used to the fast world of technology, where results happen in seconds. When they play card games, they have to learn to be patient with other players. Since it is usually not easy to get a teen to sit down with the entire family on a regular basis, this form of entertainment helps keep the teen interested and engaged.

Adults Keep Skills Sharp
Adults tend to lose skills that they do not use on a regular basis. As people get older, they have to make an effort to use these skills in order to keep the mind active and well-developed. Card games require memorization of rules and strategies along with using decoding skills and math. This is important for adults who want to keep their minds sharp. In some cases, it can even help delay or prevent future dementia issues.

Even if you are not concerned with developing or retaining skills, card games are among the most affordable methods of entertainment. Whether you play alone or with the whole family, you can't go wrong with a good game of cards!

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