Tanjore Paintings

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    Sep 23, 2012
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I just want to share my hobby to you people to make you know that how paintings can be done so interesting without any strain. Nowadays ready to paint glasses are available in shops.We can just buy the glass and start our paintings easily. Among ancient paitings Tanjore paintings is the most popular and its originated mainly from Tamil Nadu.

People take lots of effort in tanjore painting, starting from doing their sketch in the board. After that drawing is done and finally comes the painting with original pure caret gold. But one day I came to know from my neighbour that these tanjore paintings can be done without any strain. Sketched glasses are available in market. We need fabric colours, golden fabric paint, glitter colours and brushes. A sketch will be given in the glass, we have to paint on the back side of the glass. Colours can be given according to our wish. Instead of using original gold we can give golden paint for natural look. The cost of doing these type of paintings is much lower from the original. We can even sell these in art shops after framing the glass. Different types of sketches are available. Sketches of god, godesses nature etc. 

Other than Tanjore painting I am doing glass paintings. For that we need a pencil,paper and rubber. First of all take a paper and draw a nice sketch you like, or take an already drawn sketch. Keep this sketch under the glass and draw above the glass. Things needed to do glass paintings are available in shops. In that we will be having different types of glass colours and black thick liner to draw . After sketching with this liner fill that with suitable glass colours. It will take one hour to get dried. After that we can frame it beautifully and hanged it on a wall.

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