Family Time Teaches Tolerance

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    Nov 13, 2012
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The first step toward developing tolerance with anyone is learning to accept the details of loved ones. Busy lives can sometimes make it difficult to understand the interests of another person. That’s why family time can be such a valuable time to focus on the details of the interests of family members. By doing this, they can be seen as individuals who each have a role that helps the family better function as a whole.

Schedule a Time Slot Specifically for the Family
Whether everyone gets together once a month or once a week, scheduled time for family offers a wealth of benefits. No one in the family should schedule anything else during that time because it is already spoken for. Those who feel disassociated from the family may even see a scheduled time as a time to look forward to more than others might. A scheduled family time also allows time to plan the events for the day.

Explore Everyone’s Interests
Sometimes family time turns into “whatever Mom and Dad plan” time. That might work when the children are toddlers, but even then they may have interests that everyone can get involved in. In order to get to know each other and maybe even explore some new hobbies, everyone should get to pick something to do during this time. You might take turns doing this weekly or you might simply write hobbies down on sheets of paper and draw one from a hat during family time. If there is enough time, you might even explore more than one hobby.

Make One Rule
Everyone should participate in the hobby. The only rule should be that negative comments are checked at the door. This will help stave off comments about hobbies between siblings. For instance, the teenage daughter might not want to play army style video games, but the preteen son probably is not going to be too excited about makeover time either. Putting an end to the negative comments means that humor can be used instead and what may have had the potential to be a sibling brawl can now become a giggle fest.

Family time does not just bring the household closer together. It also helps every single family member to see each other as individuals who each have their own interests, feelings, and roles in the family.

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