Top Tips on Finding the Right Wedding Photographer

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    Jun 25, 2014
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Top Tips on Finding the Right Wedding Photographer Photo by Edward Hansen

Venues, church, theme, flowers, menu, attire are the top priorities all couples are concern about on the preparation of their wedding day.However, one thing that usually most couples forget is indeed choosing a wedding coverage complimentary to their lifestyle and personality. Like all the other details on the much-awaited big day, it is completely fine to expect no less than perfect for your wedding photographer.

Settle on a Style

Knowing the style that matches your persona is the key in hiring the right and the best wedding photographer.

Documentary. These are spontaneous or candid photos. These pictures reflect raw emotions like when you and your father share a heartfelt embrace or that fleeting moment when you and your man lock eyes as you walk down the aisle towards him and the altar. You will rarely see people stare directly on cameras on their wedding documentary. Let your wedding photographer catch all those natural moments showing how unique and wonderful your love story is.

Fine Art or Contemporary . These are dramatic, gorgeous and movie-like appearance photos. One very popular example is the blurry-type effect focusing only on the subject giving more emphasis. This is  usually seen in various romantic films. It could also be an artistic piece in which a moment is presented in accordance to the vision of the artist as a photographer.

Portraiture. These are traditional photos consisting of the couple or with their families taken in the altar or at the reception. However, a skilled wedding photographer can take portraiture into the creative realm and create more dramatic compositions. Like a photo of holding hands together in the middle of the highway on a dramatic scenery.

Edgy-Bold . These are totally out-of-the-box pictures with unconventional framing. Photos of the subject taken in a tilted angle or could be a portrait of one of your flower girls, frame only focusing on the eyes and the rest is filled with walls or anything behind.

If you are fascinated with two or more styles, surely you guys will be impressed if your wedding photographer could blend two or more styles creating a more awesome and artistic set of photographs. Likewise, if you prefer a different effect on the images, then know for certain if the photographer you plan to hire is skilled and is able to so.

Review the Gallery

You can tell a lot about a wedding photographer through his photo gallery. Look for photos you want him to capture on your wedding day. It could be a spontaneous photo where a father is wiping a tear as he watches his daughter and son-in-law exchanging vows. Also, take note of how the guests look in their portraits. Be sure that they enjoy the camera and not like a deer caught in headlights. While you and your groom are the important subject, you also want to see relaxed and smiling shots of your guests.

Shop through town

Do not settle down with the first photographer you will find. Comb the city and find the one that you feel comfortable working with. It is also highly suggested to have some quality time spent with your shutterbug, befriend him before the wedding day. Being at ease and relaxed having your photographer around will definitely create a stunning portfolio of your wedding ceremony.

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