Scrapbooking for Pet Owners

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    Nov 13, 2012
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Scrapbooking is a fun and creative way to hold onto a lifetime of memories. Many people have scrapbooks that pertain to their children, business, school years, and a number of other themes. One area of scrapbooking that sometimes gets overlooked is the area of fur babies. Even though pets are not doing things like going to prom, there are plenty of milestones for pet lovers to document.

Babies are Always Cute
One of the most obvious pet themes to fill up a pet scrapbook is the first few months of the pet’s life. Most household pets develop at a rate much faster than that of humans so there is a very limited amount of time to collect those cute puppy pictures and activities that can build a really fun scrapbook.

First Love is Picture Perfect
Pet lovers who look at their fur babies as children are going to want to document and decorate the memory of the first “date”. Whether this is a play date or a planned breeding time, fur baby parents can have lots of fun looking back through scrapbooks that include this first meeting as well as the ones that may follow.

Scrapbooking Medical Events
Like children, pets need routine medical care. Scrapbooks not only offer a way to hold onto memories of how pets handle their visit to the vet, they might also serve as a reminder and a way to compare the health of the pet to previous times.

Mark the Years with Pet Supplies
As pets outgrow items like collars and clothes, these items can be used in a scrapbook about their growth. Scraps of clothing and collars can be used as borders for photos or decorate a birthday page. Once the pet passes on, the pet owner will be happy to have these mementos in a scrapbook that offers a more personalized memory than a simple photo album.

Scrapbooking is a fun hobby for anyone who wants to hold on to more than just a photo. Pet scrapbooks help pet owners maintain a fully enhanced memory of the life they have or had with their pets.

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