Your Special Day in the Eyes of the Photographer

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    Jul 24, 2014
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Your Special Day in the Eyes of the Photographer Photo by Edward Hansen

You have a special event planned for a certain day. It could be your wedding day, or your child’s baptism ceremony, or any special day you want documented professionally and creatively. A reliable Chicago Photographer would want to share that expectant mood with you.

This is one of the reasons why building a relationship with your photographer as soon as the contract is signed, and all the details have been finalized is important. Working comfortably with your photographer will set his mood to capture every marvelous transitory moments of the event you have carefully planned. He or she will not treat your memorable day as another occasion to receive a check.

As the big day in your life approaches, the photographer will start doing their task quietly a week earlier. He or she will make a visit to the reception venue, the church, and if it is a wedding, to both the bride’s and groom’s residences. The reason for these visits is not only to learn the right and faster route. It is to feel the right ambiance of each location.

Equipped with a light meter, the photographer will check every details of the location. They will seek out all the strategic spots of the venue where to take all the best possible shots. Available lighting will be checked so they would know how to optimize them or make necessary adjustments on their equipment.

Three days before your big event, the photographer checks and cleans all the needed equipment. They will prepare the camera bodies and lenses to use. Charge all batteries. Check all the memory cards. Clean the portable lightings and flash, as well as the diffusion panel. In addition, they will make sure that each of this equipment has proper back up in case of failures.

You are not the only one preparing for the special event. The photographer is also making his or her own preparations. To make sure that no precious moment of your special day will be lost to memory.
We treat your special event in the most professional way as best we can. It is our mission to preserve every precious moment for you to cherish for a lifetime. For a reliable and dependable photographer, call or visit their website.

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Edward Hansen is a Marine Biologist student with a deep advocacy of Nature and People. He is extremely fond of anything that is related to Photography. He endeavors to make his dreams as a Marine Biologist Instructor come true one a time. You can connect with him on Google Plus. Or visit: Chicago Photographer

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