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    Jan 14, 2013
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In the present scenario where every business strives hard to perform better than the competitors the need of smart and efficient managers, with an out of the box thinking is felt. Every year millions of students gains business skills y pursuing a business management course and then take a plunge into the rewarding field of Management. However, due to lack of experience many managers face few problems in handling their department. This article is focused to help out such managers. In this article I would give guidance to the managers of different genres. Below is the key list-

1. Operations Manager: For businesses, productivity is profitability. An Operations Manager has great responsibilities on his shoulders. The company directly benefits or looses as per the efficiency of the Manager. To manage the operations department well I would advise an Operations Manager to adopt a manufacturing software. If the organization is small to mid-sized, Sage manufacturing would serve as the best manufacturing software. An operations manager can also learn to use the software as per the availability of time with the help of a Sage eLearning course. Besides that the operations manger should also share a good repo with the labor union, contractors, suppliers etc.     

2. Finance Manager: Finances of a company are of critical importance. The job of a Finance Manger demands sheer knowledge and quick decision making ability. There should be no space for any error in the working of the finance department and hence the Finance Manager’s role becomes very crucial for the company. A finance manager must have in depth knowledge of finance. A finance manager must not stop learning at any point. In the free times too, they must inculcate a habit of learning about finance on internet or any other resource. A finance must not only know how to invest but also when to invest and for this he/she must be aware of the current financial scenario.  

3. Marketing Manager: Marketing Managers must understand that the present scenario is very competitive and the customers are indeed very smart now. All the traditional techniques of marketing have been so well exploited by many others that now, even consumers are well aware of them. So the marketing managers must now come up with out of the box thinking. They must make most of internet marketing, which has emerge as a very powerful tool of marketing in recent years. Social networking websites must also be explored for marketing as millions of people are available their and every message get magically multiplied, if it is potential enough. 

4. HR Manager: HR manager has the responsibility to look after the backbone of the organization i.e. the HR department. The role of an HR Manager is vital for any organization. No matter how smart, intelligent and hard-working the subordinates of an HR Manager are, it is always better to use an HR software. An HR professional should provide a software like Sage 50 HR to the HR professionals. If they don’t know how to use the software efficiently they must also be given Sage line 50 training so that they can learn it. Such softwares not only improve the efficiency of the HR department but also save a lot of time so that the HR professionals can work upon the strategic planning too, beside the regular HR works.  

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