Managing Life Using Project Management Tools Without Knowing It

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    Sep 02, 2014
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Managing Life Using Project Management Tools Without Knowing It Photo by Monica  Waters

Without you knowing it, you are already familiar with the basic tools project managers use. These are planning, organizing and people management.

Planning is the first and basic skill project managers learn to master. You too are very much aware what planning is. You have been doing a lot of planning since your student days. Projects are nothing new to you. You have been doing school projects for so long.

What have you learned when doing a school project?

Planning is the first step you do. In planning, you determine

1. Why the project is necessary

2. What is the objective you want to achieve

3. How you are going to achieve your objective

4. What you will need to achieve the objective and

5. What is the expected result of the objective

You are already familiar with all of these.

The second step is organizing. With your objective already ingrained in your mind, the next step you do is to organize all the resources you will need for the success of your objective.

The third step is interpersonal relationship. If you have other people working with you, you need to relate to them, or lead and motivate them if necessary. If your objective is building or buying a house, your family members may be your project team. This project will entail some financial adjustments in your household. Therefore, you have to discuss with them how you will manage the family finances.

Project management looks simple, doesn’t it?

If it is that simple, then there should be no reason why the project should fail. Even your house project can fail sometimes, either you are able to build or buy a new house or not.

You may have the basic knowledge of planning, organizing and people interpersonal skills. But these are still raw skills. Project management training can enhance those skills in a much, much more empowering method.

Better project management skills can offer you much more windows of opportunity for your career and achieve a better personal life. These skills are very much in demand.

Most businesses today prefer people who have a developed project management skills. They are confident that people with project management skills can be truly be depended upon.

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