How to Attract the Best Talent if not Offer the Same Salary as Large Companies?

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    Sep 23, 2012
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Small or medium-sized companies face the challenge of not being able to attract the best talent by not offering the same salary or benefits as large companies. 

The question is how to attract this talent offering minor benefits?   Medium-sized enterprises have advantages over corporations that can be used to attract this talent.  Some of these advantages are:

1.    Ability to react faster. Since the same recruitment to the implementation of projects within the company.  Talented people waive corporations by the frustration that projects are carried out very slow or that have to go through numerous committees and regulations. This causes frustration and discouraged in the performance of the staff.

2.    Possibility to receive a much more personal treatment. Being able to engage with different areas of the company.  People come out of large companies to feel that are an insignificant piece of a big puzzle. In a medium-sized company it is much easier to highlight and your ideas count. In addition to create an environment more trustworthy and consider the co-worker as part of a family.

3.    Flexibility in working hours. Flexibility in the permissions. Ability to work from home occasionally. Medium-sized companies can offer this type of performance more easily and for many people this may be more valuable than the economic remuneration. Compliance tasks to complete them and forget to meet working hours: 9 to 5

These three advantages can make a difference to be able to recruit that so desired talent.

The results are obvious once it manages to convince the talent with these benefits. You will integrate high capacity professional people that have enough ambition to achieve higher goals and how to reach them.

Most importantly, be sure that "there is no small enemy", referring to small and medium-sized companies against large.

Creativity, dynamism and easy operation are the best weapons to attract the best talent and thereby position on the high-speed rail company's growth.

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