Innovative business management tips

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    Dec 28, 2012
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Business management is not an easy task, don’t we all know that. Ever since the dawn of history  business management techniques have been changing. In the present scenario, on one hand looking at the ruthless competition it seems as if the business scenario would have never been as competitive and difficult as it is today. While on the other hand looking at the advancement in the field of science and technology it seems as if it would have never been as easy as it is today. These two contradictory observations lead towards a conclusion that no matter what the scenario is or what the scenario has been, it remains same for everyone. Then what makes some business units emerge as successful ones? And why others remain unknown? The answer is- innovative Business management techniques. They make the difference.

History has witnessed that innovation has never failed. In every period of time those who have adopted innovative business management techniques have always succeeded. And they have succeeded in such a way that the rest of the world has followed them. Below are some of the innovative business management tips which I have put together after a rigorous research- 

1. Give software learning course in bonus: Gone are the days when giving cash bonus rewards was considered as the best way to please the employees and motivate them to work harder in order to win the cash prize next time. It is the era of skilled and smart labors. Now, the best way to give the bonus is give them a training course that would increase their efficiency towards work while increasing their worth. This way both the employee and the company get mutually benefited. For illustration if you have to give a bonus to an accountant give him a Sage IAB qualification course. After pursuing the course he will work much efficiently for your company with the help of Sage accounting software.

2. Incorporate HR with Social Networking: Online social networking has emerged as a very useful tool for the HR professionals. Social networking proves to be more efficient than the traditional form of HR acquisition. Now you don’t have to pay to the HR consultancies, newspapers etc. to place an advertisement for HR recruitment. Just go on facebook, twitter, likedIn etc. and spread your message in the world. It is proving to be very effective and cheap. In fact you don’t really have to pay a single penny to spread your advt.

3. Track your business operations electronically: In the present IT era those entrepreneurs who track their business operations manually are considered as laggards. There are several effective softwares available in the market than can help you track all your business operations effectively, by simple clicks. Sage, for example, provides software for HR, constructions, finance, CRM and much more. Not only that, it also provides Sage online training for those who need guidance for using the softwares effectively.    

4. Go Global: A business can’t become successful if it limits itself to the boundary of just one state. It is time to go global. E-commerce has emerged out as an entire new concept. What so ever might be the size of the company you can take your business on a global platform with the help of e-commerce.

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