Create Your Dream Team in Business and Sustain it

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    Jan 02, 2013
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No successful business is a result of individual excellence. It is the entire team of professionals that makes a business rise above the zenith. Being an entrepreneur you must be well aware of how important is a team in Business. Now that you have to create your dream team for your dream business, here I present some very useful tips that I have summed up in this article after a rigorous research. It is my firm belief that an entrepreneur can learn a lot from successful sports team about team building. Team sports teach a lot about team building. Below are some of the key points-

1. Team up with the best: If you want to create the best business team then you must team up with the best. Never acknowledge the people you hire as your employees rather acknowledge them as your teammates. No matter for which function you are hiring the people (whether management or operations), hire the best. Never compromise with the talent of your teammates. Many entrepreneurs often stumble at this stage. They don’t hire people as talented as them or more as they fear that they might understand the entire game and might prove to e a threat to the company. However it is a very bad move. According to successful entrepreneurs, one must hire people smarter than them i.e. A class people must hire A+ class people.   

2. Keep updating teammates’ skills: It is very important to catch up with time. If you want your team to improve, allow your teammates to update their skills. Buy them updated skills enhancement training courses.  For example if your accountant already knows how to use Sage 50 Accounts software then buy him a Sage IAB Qualification training course for another upgraded version of the software.

3. Lend them your vision: Ask any cricket team that has won a Worldcup or any other athletic team that has won an Olympic gold, their players will tell you that they always had the vision of achieving, what they have. It is very important for creating your dream team that you lend your vision to your teammates. No matter what they do in the business, they all must know what the final goal of the company is and how their efforts matter. This gives the teammates a sense of direction and responsibility.     

4. Communicate well with the team: Communication is a very important aspect of creating and sustaining a business team. Remember, communication doesn’t only mean to deliver messages it also includes receiving the messages. Communication is a two way process. Give your teammates equal opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas. You never know which idea might click you and give wings to the business. Use software for effective communication like Sage ACT and also provide sage online training to the teammates as to how to use the software effectively. You got to keep updating their skills.  

5. Value teammates’ skills: Always value your teammates’ skills. Remember you hired them for a reason after seeing something in them. Acknowledge that each member of the team is vital for the success of your team.

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