Benefit Heat Therapy for Human Body

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    Aug 01, 2014
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Benefit Heat Therapy for Human Body Photo by David Cooper

Heat Therapy from hotty packs has many beneficial factors for the human body. Also known as thermotherapy, it can treat stiff joints and muscles, muscle pains, arthritis and deep tissue injuries. Heat therapy comes in many different forms varying from heat pads and packs to infrared radiation and ultrasounds. Heat therapy works by expanding blood vessels to increase blood flow in the afflicted areas allowing the body to heal itself faster, while dulling the pain in the area.

A benefit to heat therapy is that it is a natural method of pain relief and because it is natural, there are no side effects to this form of therapy. The only precaution in this therapy is that you may burn yourself while using a heat pack or when taking that hot bath. It is natural because it helps increase the body’s self healing process. This also means that it can be applied to anyone no matter the age, just keep in mind of how much heat they can handle. It works because the hot temperature stimulates the same nerve endings that pain stimuli also stimulate and when applying heat to a painful area, the pain is muted in order to transmit the temperature signals.

Heat therapy also promotes the removal of toxins that are within the injured tissue naturally. This occurs because the extra blood flow caused by the dilated blood vessels,from the heat, pulls out the toxins more effectively and naturally. It also allows for more oxygen to be delivered to the area decreasing the amount of lactic acid, carbon dioxide and other substances that can cause muscle aches in the tissues. This lowers the acid level in afflicted tissues and promotes better tissue repair.

Heat therapy from hotty packs can also be applied to ease joint pains and stiff joints. The heat would ease the pain and increase lubrication between the joints. This occurs when the synovial tissue in the joints gets more blood flow, allowing it to produce more synovial fluid which acts like the lubricant between joints. This is most beneficial for people who suffer from arthritis as it can ease joint pains while being cheap and natural.

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Wheat bag that is a heat pack that is made in Australia for pain caused by arthritis, sport injuries, muscle aches. Our wheat bag is a heat pack by heating in a microwave and ice pack by freezing.

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